About Us

About Us

Select Registry is your guide to identifying which property among our association of hundreds of independent owners, innkeepers and general managers is best for you, based on your individual tastes, occasion and travel experience. 

For nearly 50 years, Select Registry has set the standard for excellence in personal hospitality at privately owned inns and bed and breakfasts. Today, our upscale properties represent numerous types of properties, including boutique hotels, lodges, ranches, castles and luxury cabins and yurts. They’re located everywhere from back country roads to big city neighborhoods, along coastlines and in heartlands; across the United States, in Canada and Europe. 

Despite the incredible diversity of experience that can be found in our collection, there are common values that define the experience you can rely on from Select Registry. 
 - Each property is authentic and unique.
 - Our owners celebrate a sense of place at their property, often resulting in an environment that’s steeped in local flavor.
 - The people who staff our properties are independently minded and genuinely honored to take great care of you.  

These men and women serve their guests in many ways, from concierge to local storyteller, personal chef to wine sommelier. Plus, they are deeply rooted in their local communities, with relationships throughout the area that enable guests to immerse themselves in the local experiences that surround each property.  

“ Having been involved in the travel and tourism industry my entire career, I’ve come to learn that no one cares more about your experience as a guest than the owner personally overseeing the management of his or her property.” - Mark Jaronski, Select Registry CEO

This shared passion for exceptional hospitality, local connections and experiences as unique as the individual tastes of our guests is what drives Select Registry. In an increasingly impersonal world, we recognize that a warm welcome, made-to-order meal, relaxation in the sanctuary of your own private room and staying in a location that unlocks many opportunities to explore our planet’s most wonderful natural and cultural wonders are what set Select Registry properties apart.