6 Animals for the Traveling Animal Lover

6 Animals for the Traveling Animal Lover

Bed and Breakfast, California, New Jersey, Oregon, Tennessee, Virginia Select Registry – January 20, 2016

Are you an animal lover? If you're a nurturing person who considers your dog or cat a child, then you're definitely an animal lover. Animals make life so much sweeter. They bring us so much love and joy every day!  If you can't bring your pets when you travel, you can stay at a place that has animals. This way you'll still get to be around animals and their sweet unconditional love.

Here are 6 animals that will comfort every traveling animal lover.

From horses to hens, we've come up with a whole crew of furry and funny animals who can't wait to meet you! Read on to see which animal you'd like to spend your next vacation with. 

1. Llamas who'll give you a kiss.

Like animal lovers, llamas love companionship.

Llamas are sweet, interesting animals that weigh between 280 and 450 pounds! They typically live with other llamas in a herd. You'll find a llama herd at the Glendeven Inn Bed and Breakfast in Little River, CA. There are five females and one little guy. In the picture above, Mama Llama (the orange and white one) sits in the center. In the lower left corner is PJ, or "Pajama Llama," the newest addition born at Glendeven Inn on January 14, 2008. There's also Carla, the baby of Mama Llama; Big Sue, who is Carla's aunt; Pearl; and Dolly because the inn needed a Dolly Llama. Even though she's the smallest llama in the herd, Dolly stole the role of the alpha as soon as she arrived!   The llamas graze the pastures surrounding the Glendeven Inn Bed and Breakfast. Each room at the inn has a view of acres of pastures with the ocean in the distance, creating a relaxing atmosphere! Guests love to watch and interact with the llamas. You can feed them with the staff during the scheduled times in the morning and at night. Llamas are gentle animals who are known to spit, but not at Glendeven Inn's guests! They spit at each other to establish dominance; these tiffs usually happen over food. The llamas are very sweet to the guests, they even give llama kisses from time to time! 

2. Horses still trying to master the selfie.

Selfies don't come naturally to everyone...

The horses know this struggle at the Whitestone Country Inn Bed and Breakfast in Kingston, Tennessee. While selfies aren't their forte, pulling romantic carriage rides is!   Currently, there are two Percheron breed draft horses at the Whitestone Country Inn. These horses are proud, alert, and intelligent animals who are willing to work. They are quite impressive to see in person! Percheron horses can grow to a height of 15 to 19 hands high. A hand is equivalent to 4 inches, so these horses can be anywhere from 5 to just over 6 feet! Percheron horses are taller and more muscular than the average horse, which makes them a steady leader for romantic carriage rides.   

The best thing about Percheron horses is how versatile they are. They are graceful and strong animals who will work or play, depending on what you need them to do! The Whitestone Country Inn has 600 acres of natural woods, rolling hills and landscaped gardens, which makes it the perfect place to enjoy horseback riding or hiking.

3. Dogs who know fine wine.

No deer allowed, but animal lovers are welcome.

Meet Archer, a sweet 3-year-old Queensland Healer and Chocolate lab mix. On any given day, you'll find Archer chasing hungry deer out of the vineyards and entertaining guests at the Youngberg Hill Vineyards and Inn Bed and Breakfast in McMinnville, Oregon. He constantly patrols the estate and keeps all of Youngberg Hill's farm animals (5 cats and 5 cows) in line.   In his free time, Archer enjoys napping on the porch, showing guests around the vineyards, and occasionally enjoying a glass (or two) of the fruits of his labor!

4. 24 Hens all named Gertrude.

24 hens + 1 rooster + 30 chicks = Too much cuteness.

Can you imagine the adorable feathered gang that calls the Prospect Hill Plantation Inn in Charlottesville, Virginia home?   You may be wondering why all 24 hens have the same name. After many years of adding and losing chickens, no one could tell any of them apart! So the name Gertrude stuck to make it easier on everyone. All of the hens were raised from chicks at Prospect Hill so naturally they are part of the family now. Most of them lay eggs daily and the others just enjoy life as both happy chickens. This is unusual because most farmers get rid of hens after they stop laying eggs, but the owners at Prospect Hill consider them beloved family pets! Out of the 24 hens, the inn gets about 16-18 eggs each day. There's also 30 baby chicks snuggled together under the heat lamp, who will one day start laying eggs! Soon, Prospect Hill will get nearly 50 fresh eggs every day. 

The chickens don't just lay eggs for the guests at the Prospect Hill Plantation Inn. They also serve as a very cute (friendly and feathery, too) welcome committee! It's not unusual for a guest to see 4-6 chickens strolling the property around when they check-in. Everyone loves the chickens! In the morning, you can pick your own eggs from the hen house. All of the Gertrudes are quite social, so they look forward to the visits. Sometimes, the hens get to be a part of the weddings at Prospect Hill. Brides often request to hold a chicken in their wedding photos! When they aren't checking in guests, the many Gertrudes hunt ticks on the property and hang out with the inn's dogs and cats. Prospect Hill is also home to 2 horses, 1 miniature donkey, 3 alpacas, 3 cats, 3 dogs, and 5 teenagers!

5. Dogs with more style and sass than you.

One dog that fully lives up to her name.

Meet Princess, a sassy and stylish 8-year-old beagle who's not afraid to hold her own. She's part of the four-legged furry welcoming committee at the Groveland Hotel in Groveland, California. Also, on the committee are her parents, Rusty and Fanci, and several kitties: Groucho, the cat with a serious mustache, the all-black Mama Kitty, and occasionally Lola, the town tabby. Princess is a sweetheart, except when it comes to her treats. She's known to steal her dad's biscuits from time to time. When she's not snatching his biscuits, she's a complete daddy's girl who loves celebrating the holidays with her father (and Santa, of course).   

When it's not the holidays, Princess is busy welcoming guests, guarding the office every day, and of course, dressing up. This is her only outfit at the moment, but we're sure this seasonal fashionista will want to try a new look next Halloween. Innkeeper animals wear many hats, just like their owners! You'd be surprised what some innkeepers do for their guests. Read about unexpected innkeeper jobs.

6. Sheep who love to show off.

These sheep are fluffy and they know it.

Three sheep live at the Woolverton Inn Bed and Breakfast in Stockton, New Jersey. There are the mother and daughter duo, Karen and Kristin, and then Rita, a third female. The inn has had sheep since it opened, over 30 years ago. If you approach the sheep, they will acknowledge you. Otherwise, they prefer to be pretty lawn ornaments who feed on the property's grass. 


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