Traverse the Best Hiking Trails in Sedona, AZ

Traverse the Best Hiking Trails in Sedona, AZ

Arizona Select Registry – March 18, 2015

Sedona, Arizona is an amazing place to visit for a number of reasons.  The natural beauty is unparalleled, with red rock cliffs and ridges visible from almost every angle. The site seeing alone is worth a trip out.  The area is also well known for being an excellent place to stargaze. Clear skies and beautiful surroundings will make for an interesting evening adventure.  However, one of the best ways to experience this wonderful part of Arizona is to explore some of the best hiking trails in Sedona. From easy jaunts to difficult climbs, the best hiking trails in Sedona have something to offer everyone.

The Best Hiking Trails in Sedona, AZ

There are a number of ways to see the best hiking trails in Sedona.  There are guided hikes from places like Sedona Red Rocks Tours and establishments like the Hike House which has guided hikes and is also something of an outpost with gear, provisions, and trail information if you plan to venture out on your own.  So experience these trails with an expert or guide yourself down the path, but be sure to explore at least of few of the best hiking trails in Sedona below.

Cathedral Rock Trail/Templeton Trail

This is a beautiful hike of moderate difficult that lets hikers view Cathedral Rock while walking along Oak Creek. One of the favorite trails overall in Sedona.

Little Horse Trail

Little Horse is an easy trail that has a very gradual climb and lovely views.  The trail is 3 miles round trip and unshaded, so bring a hat and sunblock!

Bear Mountain

This is a trail for the experienced hiker and the physically fit.  The climb up the mountain is steep in many places but the views on the way up make it well worth it.

Devil's Bridge Trail

Devil's Bridge Trail is one of the best hiking trails in Sedona due to the fact that it can accommodate casual hikers and more experienced adventurers. The moderate trail takes about an hour round trip.

Doe Mountain Trail

Doe Mountain provides a large variety of scenery with moderate difficult. The city of Sedona is visible from one point of the trail as are Bear Mountain, Wilson, and Marron Mountains, and multiple rocks and canyons.

Sterling Pass Trail to Vultee Arch

This is a great trail, though it is difficult. It climbs to Sterling Pass then goes down into Sterling Canyon and then a side path that leads to a stunning view of Vultee Arch, a natural bridge that stretches 50 feet across.

Mescal Trail

This moderate trail was originally a bike trail, but it is now open for hikers.  A an easy hike starts the trail out and then climbs up a bit to provide great views of the Red Rocks.

West Fork Trail

One of the most popular and best hiking trails in Sedona, West Fork Trail offers hikers a multitude of sites to see.  You can hike it multiple times and find a new favorite feature each time. The trail often encounters a meandering stream that sometimes needs to be crossed, but this isn't too hard to negotiate.  While on the trail be sure to look up at the breathtaking cliffs overhead a few times.

Sedona Accommodations

When you're taking on the best hiking trails in Sedona, be sure you stay in style.  There are two Select Registry properties in Sedona, and both will definitely keep you in the utmost comfort during your time in Arizona. No matter which property you choose, you'll enjoy the Select Registry difference!

Casa Sedona Inn is set at the base of Thunder Mountain, near its trail-head. So it's perfect for those eager to get hiking! The relaxed and inviting atmosphere will let you unwind when you're not taking on one of the many trails. The Inn has a beautiful garden and breathtaking views of the red rocks. Amenities at Casa Sedona include private baths, gas fireplaces, jetted tubs, refrigerators, and luxurious robes.  Of course, a full breakfast is served each morning.

Canyon Villa Bed & Breakfast Inn is a casual yet elegant property with amazing views of Bell Rock & Courthouse Butte. Their modern yet classic accommodations will keep you comfortable during your time off trail. Guests will enjoy on-site gardens, private patios, a glass-tile pool, and great cuisine. Each morning, indulge in a wonderful three course breakfast which includes Canyon Villa's signature cinnamon rolls. In the evenings there is also an appetizer hour and after dinner goodies as well.