Spring in New England is a Fantastic Time of Year

Spring in New England is a Fantastic Time of Year

Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont Select Registry – January 27, 2015

The northeastern states that make up New England are picturesque no matter the time of year. Whether you’re heading there to breathe in the oranges, reds and yellows of autumn, the white blankets of winter, the thunderstorms of summer or the great spring bloom, you’re sure to find breathtaking pastoral landscapes, charming country villages, and numerous places worth coming back to. As we move into February and the winter begins to feel as though it might be dragging on a little longer than usual, it’s the opportune time to look ahead to what spring in New England holds.

We have highlighted something wonderful to look forward to about spring in each of the six New England states below, so get planning your springtime getaway!


One of the main events of spring in New England is the sugaring season, which is especially true in Vermont. If you’ve ever driven through the Green Mountain State in the winter and noticed tubes running through the forest between maple trees you’ve witnessed the precursor to sugaring season. When heading to Vermont this spring be sure to stop by a sugar shack to learn about this fascinating process and the even more delicious treat at the end – maple syrup!

New Hampshire

The White Mountains are a coveted destination no matter the time of year. Springtime is a perfect opportunity to hop on the Aerial Tramway to the top of Cannon Mountain. On a clear day you’ll see peaks from four other New England states and even into Canada.

Rhode Island

There’s no better time to go touring through the country’s smallest state than spring. Don’t miss the Newport Mansions where you’ll learn about some of our nation’s first settlers and their luxurious country homes. These Gilded Age estates will transport to another era completely.


In Old Sturbridge Village each spring the shears come out and the sheep get their wool shorn, and yes, they make an event of it. Head to this charming little town in the greater Boston area for Wool Days this May and meet the new baby animals while you’re there.


One of the most famous sights during spring in New England is the Dogwood Festival at the Greenfield Hill Congregational Church. Crowds flock to the site to witness over 30,000 dogwoods in bloom. The sweet smell is as overwhelming as the sight of it.


If you enjoy a lovely birding walk with binoculars and your favorite ornithology book then you ought to check out the famous Maine Birding Trail. Spring is the prime time to visit some of the 82 sites along the trail and witness the return of numerous native species from their winters in warmer weather. Check out one of the many spring birding festivals as well!


There are too many great things to do during spring in New England to name here, but these are certainly some top pics. Be sure to book yourself into a quaint Select Registry bed and breakfast and get pampered while you explore what the wonderful northeast has to offer.