A Few Taos Art Galleries to Spend the Day Visiting

A Few Taos Art Galleries to Spend the Day Visiting

New Mexico Select Registry – January 25, 2015

The breathtaking New Mexico mountain town of Taos is more than just a ski destination in the middle of the high desert. While the snow is great, and the historic Taos Village is a charming, the town has longer been known for its art scene. There are many acclaimed Taos Art Galleries that attract enthusiasts and collectors year round, as well as artists themselves. Taos is also home to a few great bed and breakfasts, including one celebrating famous local artists, that make for wonderful accommodations on your trip.

If you’re a lover of southwestern arts then traveling to Taos is a trip worth making. Book your stay at Palacio de Marquesa, an artist-inspired hotel boasting the town’s rich creative history. Since the turn of the century when the Taos Society of Artists was created in the wake of the established Taos Art Colony, the town has been a hotbed of artists, and this charming bed and breakfast celebrates a number of them in their guest room themes. Some of the artists being commemorated are Millicent Rogers, Mable Dodge Luhan, Agnes Martin and Georgia O’Keefe.

Here are a few Taos Art Galleries worth visiting to further explore the city’s talent and inspiration:

  1. For a taste of the true Taos-inspired art, head to Sage Fine Art Gallery where you’ll find a variety of mediums capturing the spirit of the high desert. Located in the heart of the Taos Historical District, Sage curates ten local artists at a time, most of them having relocated to the area to pursue their art.
  2. The Jerry Mann Gallery is located in the Casa Flores, which is listed on the National Registry of Historic Homes. Named for and opened by a retired scientist turned fulltime painter, the gallery features the work of Jerry Mann himself. His rapid acrylic paintings represent a lifetime of experience as a field scientist who travelled around the world studying foreign species. Mann is also apparently inspired by his time spent in Taos, and Georgia where he lives fulltime.
  3. The 203 Fine Art space is an early moderns and contemporaries gallery located at the entrance of the historic Ledoux St., which is home to the Taos Art District. This gallery also displays the work of about 20 current local artists, as well as a few who are no longer living. The artists represent vast life experiences all culminating in the beautiful and dramatic Taos landscape.

If you’re planning a trip to the high desert to check out what the Taos Art Galleries have to offer you won’t be disappointed by the depth and scope of talent and collections in this art community. Another wonderful bed and breakfast that will round out your Taos art trip is Hacienda del Sol. With gorgeous mountain views, a serene environment, and a romantic setting, this is a great, affordable place to book for your visit.

Even if you’re not a knowledgeable art collector Toas art galleries are a great way to experience the town’s culture, which is very much rooted in its creative class. This community is made up of some of the country’s most talented artists, and seeing all their work in one place is a moving experience.

Photo: chaitanyo/iStock/Thinkstock