You Have to See the Seattle Skyline in Person

You Have to See the Seattle Skyline in Person

Things to Do, Washington Select Registry – August 22, 2014

Seattle, Washington has a lot going for it.  It’s the perfect getaway destination for travelers wanting to experience vibrant culture, fine arts, music, theatre, great dining and more.  And because Seattle is also home to a Select Registry member, you can be sure your stay in the city will be amazing. One of the features of the city that endears it to visitors year after year is its breathtaking skyline.  The Seattle Skyline is populated by skyscrapers dating back to the early 1900s.  Not only are the buildings notable, but the majestic presence of Mount Rainier adds to its appeal. Whether you view it from the ground from one of the city’s neighborhoods, from a ferry on the waterfront, or standing hundreds of above the streets below on an observation deck, you have to see the Seattle skyline in person.


Notable Buildings on the Seattle Skyline

Alaska Building - The completion of this building in 1904 is where it all started.  This was the first skyscraper in Seattle, with 14 floors rising 203 feet.  It may not seem very tall now, but every skyline has to start somewhere!


Columbia Center - Seattle’s tallest building, and the 23rd tallest building in the US.  The Columbia Center was completed in 1985 and is 943 feet tall with 76 floors.  On the 73rd floor of the building is the Sky View Observatory ( which provides breathtaking panoramic views of the city including the Mt. Ranier, Elliott Bay, the Space Needle, and other buildings on the Seattle skyline.


Smith Tower - The neoclassical architecture and glass domed top of Smith Tower makes it stand out among the others in the Seattle Skyline.  The tower was completed in 1914 and it was the tallest building in the city and on the Pacific Coast until the Space Needle was completed in 1962. If you choose to visit Smith Tower, you’ll be treated to some of the only elevator operators on the West Coast, and get a glimpse of the fallout shelter from the entrance hall.


The Space Needle

Perhaps the most iconic member of the Seattle skyline is the Space Needle. This landmark is the tallest observation tower in the state of Washington at 605 feet tall.  It was built for the 1962 World’s Fair when tens of thousands of visitors marveled at it.  Today, the Space Needle remains one of most popular places to visit in the city.  The observation deck is 520 feet above the ground and has 360 degree views.


Best Views of the Seattle Skyline

To get a great view of the Seattle skyline, there are many places to check out.  The Space Needle and Sky View Observatory in the Columbia Center provide panoramic views from high elevations.  Or perhaps a ferry ride to see the city from the waterfront is more your speed.  Another great option is to visit the notable and lovely Queen Anne Hill neighborhood for a postcard worthy view of the skyline from Kerry Park.



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Photo Courtesy Rattlhed via Wikimedia Commons.