What are the Best Beer Cities in the US?

What are the Best Beer Cities in the US?

California, North Carolina, Oregon, Things to Do, Vacation Tips, Washington Select Registry – November 24, 2014

Craft beer has become something of a phenomenon in recent years.  People pay as much attention now to the complexities of beer as they do to fine wine. With more and more small craft breweries opening up around the country, it’s becoming more common for people to take trips dedicated to discovering the best beer in certain areas.  If you’re interested in taking a tasting tour of the country, be sure to check out the best beer cities in the US and stay at these Select Registry properties.

Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville is increasingly becoming a must-visit travel destination for many reasons.  It has a perfect combination of history, Southern charm, and new school culture.  Its beer scene is also on the rise, with many claiming it’s among the best beer cities in the US.  Favorite local breweries include Wedge Brewing Company, Wicked Weed Brewing, Altamont Brewing Co, Asheville Brewing Company, French Broad Brewery,  and Green Man Brewing Co.  Bigger West Coast brewery Sierra Nevada recently opened their first East Coast location in Asheville as well. There are two Select Registry properties in Asheville: 1889 WhiteGate Inn & Cottage Black Walnut Bed & Breakfast

Denver, Colorado

Topping many people’s lists of best beer cities in the US, Denver is home to both big name breweries as well as microbreweries. Some notable breweries in Denver include: Denver Beer Co. and Crooked Stave. Denver also hosts the Great American Beer Festival http://www.greatamericanbeerfestival.com every year. It’s both a celebration of great beer, and a competition to find the best new beer.  Next year’s festival is set for September 24th-26th, 2015. Denver is home to one great Select Registry property: The Historic Castle Marne Bed and Breakfast

Portland, Oregon

Portland is a popular place to live as well as visit. Many are familiar with the environmentally friendly, hand crafted, and farm-to-table movements as well as the beautiful Pacific Northwestern scenery.  Oregon has the most breweries per capita, and many are in Portland. The beer scene in Portland is growing and breweries like Hopworks Urban Brewery, Cascade Brewing Barrel House, The Commons, and Upright Brewing are gaining notoriety. There is one wonderful Select Registry property in Portland: Portland’s White House

Seattle, Washington

Seattle may be famous for its coffee-drinking population, but it is also climbing in the ranks of the best beer cities in the US.  Microbreweries turning out quality product include Maritime Pacific Brewing, Pyramid, and Fremont Brewing. Seattle has one amazing Select Registry property: Shafer Baillie Mansion

San Francisco, California

Much like its quality food scene, San Francisco’s breweries are focusing on using high quality seasonal ingredients.  Breweries such as Almanac and Pacific Brewing Labs are producing craft beer for the foodie set. Select Registry has one beautiful property in San Francisco: Washington Square Inn —— While you’re deciding which of the best beer cities to visit, be sure to stay at one of the above Select Registry properties.  That way, you can be sure that you’ll experience the finest accommodations possible.