Want to Spot a Moose in Maine?

Want to Spot a Moose in Maine?

Maine, Things to Do Select Registry – September 22, 2014

Travelers visit Maine for a variety of reasons: its rugged coastlines and capes, the historic villages, the beautiful mountainous landscapes, the food, the culture….and on and on. One reason lovers of wildlife may choose to visit is to spot some moose in Maine. One of a handful of US states that’s home to these giants, Maine has a sizable population that has been on the rebound since the 1980s. So if you’re up for some prime wildlife observation, then plan an excursion to spot a moose in Maine!  

About Moose In Maine

There are several subspecies of moose found throughout the world.  In North America, four are found in different regions.  The largest subspecies is the Alaska Moose which is found throughout Alaska and the western Yukon.  In The states of Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Montana the Shiras Moose roam.  Western Moose inhabit areas of British Columbia, Ontario, the eastern Yukon, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North Dakota.  That leaves the Eastern Moose as the final subspecies, with populations in Ontario, Quebec, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, northern New York, and of course…Maine!   The Eastern Moose is on the smaller side of the spectrum as far as the moose family is concerned, with females weighing about 600 pounds at maturity and males max out at about 805 pounds.  If you’re surprised that more an animal weighing more than 800 pounds is considered small, then to put it in perspective, Alaska Moose can reach up to 1,400 pounds. Moose favor forests with temperate to subarctic climates.  Because much of their diet consists plants from both the land and the water, they favor areas with bogs, lakes, or other bodies of water. The Eastern Moose in Maine, like its family members, are mostly solitary unless mating or bringing up a calf.  

How and When to Spot a Moose in Maine

One of the best ways to ensure you get a glimpse of a moose in Maine may be to go on a moose safari or tour.  These tours have experienced and knowledgeable guides that know where and when to look for moose. In general, moose are most active and likely to be spotted during dawn or dusk hours.  Typical moose watching season is May through July, but during the fall, the moose begin to be active again as they prepare to mate.  Fall is also the time when male, or bull, moose have their recognizable antlers at their final stage.  Then the antlers will fall off during the early winter and begin to grow bigger and better come spring.  

Where to Spot a Moose in Maine

Moose inhabit most parts of the state of Maine, however their populations tend to be denser in areas with mountain or lake landscapes.  The following areas are prime moose spotting territory:

  • Western Lakes and Mountains
  • Moosehead Lake
  • Baxter State Park
  • Rangley Lakes
  • Carrabassett Valley
  • Kennebec & Moose River Valleys
  • The Maine Highlands

Where to Stay when Spotting Moose in Maine

Because of their widespread range throughout the state, one of the many Select Registry members in Maine will undoubtedly provide the perfect accommodations when on your moose adventures.  And because they’re members, you know you will have an exceptional experience wherever you go!