Schedule These Things to do in Victoria, BC While You are Here

Schedule These Things to do in Victoria, BC While You are Here

British Columbia, Canada, Things to Do Select Registry – March 17, 2014

Quick question – what is the capital of British Columbia? Did you guess Vancouver, which is the largest city in the province? If so, the answer you were looking for was actually Victoria! The capital city has a population of more than 80,000, while the metropolitan area exceeds 340,000 people. So many people call it home because there are plenty of things to do in Victoria, BC, ranging from relaxing on the lakes or beaches to going on a whale watching excursion. You can also take a trip to Victoria’s Inner Harbor, which will put you right by at Select Registry member in the Beaconsfield Inn. Be sure to stay there when you experience these activities in Victoria, BC.


Beaches and Lakes
With Victoria being a coastal town, you can always find a beach or a lake to call home for a day. Check out Cordova Bay Beach or Gonzales Beach if you’re looking to dig your toes in the sand and relax. Another excellent option would be to visit Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park where you could have a picnic, windsurf, or simply be on the lookout for the many native birds.

Victoria boasts an incredible restaurant scene with local flavors that certainly display the Pacific Northwest. You can find several pubs in the area, including the Irish Times Pub which has live Celtic music every night. You can also grab some seafood at Pescatores Seafood Grill or truly experience the region at Camille’s Fine West Coast Dining. These are just a few of the hundreds of restaurants in Victoria, BC.

Inner Harbour
You can experience everything you might need by taking a stroll through Victoria’s Inner Harbour. The Inner Harbour contains many tourist attractions, restaurants, and shops. You’ll also be able to see the British Columbia Parliament Buildings and perhaps a seaplane taking off or landing.

Whale Watching
Whales are such massive creatures whose beauty and vastness can only be truly appreciated when seen in person. In Victoria, you will have that option readily available with different tours such as Prince of Whales Whale Watching and Eagle Wing Whale Watching Tours.

You can experience 18 holes of picturesque landscape on the golf courses in Victoria. There are many quality golf courses in the area, while two are ranked in the Top 10 golf courses in British Columbia. The Victoria Golf Club comes in at fifth, and the Royal Colwood Golf Club comes in at eighth.

Royal BC Museum
Founded in 1886, the Royal BC Museum is considered the number one attraction in Victoria according to TripAdvisor. On your visit, you will see reptiles, amphibians, and fish among the natural history collections, while you will see plenty of archaeology and modern history in the human history collection.

Outdoor Activities
In Victoria, you will have plenty of exploring to do in the outdoors. You can explore by several modes of transportation, including boat, bicycle, kayak, or canoe. Furthermore, you can view some great wildlife by taking a hike at either Goldstream Provincial Park or Juan de Fuca Trail.


Plain and simple, Victoria is a beautiful city with more than enough happening to keep you busy. After a day’s worth of activity, there is no better place to rest your head than the Beaconsfield Inn. A Select Registry member, the Beaconsfield Inn is just four blocks from downtown. Book your stay and experience all the things to do in Victoria, BC.

Photo courtesy David Baron