Reasons Galena IL Was Listed as One of the Charming Small Towns in America

Reasons Galena IL Was Listed as One of the Charming Small Towns in America

Getaways, Illinois Select Registry – June 25, 2014

The Midwest has about 8,500 towns with populations less than 20,000. With an array of charming small towns to explore, picking the perfect one to visit might be difficult. Select Registry recommends you explore Galena IL. Small towns are treasure troves of delicious food, warm hospitality, immense history, and charm.  Galena IL has all of the above.


From the Windy City skyline to Abraham Lincoln’s historic hometown, Illinois is an interesting, thriving state that has always been the true heart of the American Midwest. The majority of Illinois is composed of green rolling hills, golden cornfields, and villages, suburbs, and towns nestled between and around them. One of the most charming small towns in the state is Galena IL. This small town is full of interesting history, 19th century architecture and entertainment opportunities year round.


Galena IL was named by Midwest Living Magazine as one of the best Midwest small-town getaways in the United States and one of America's "Top 10 Charming Small Towns" by TripAdvisor. There are several reasons as to why the town made these lists. Here are just a few reasons why Galena IL is one of the most charming towns in the U.S.


Framed by northwest Illinois hill, the century-old buildings of Galena house 90 shops filled with antiques, home decorations and more. One fantastic antique boutique on Main Street is All That’s Vintage. 50’s retro, vintage clothing and accessories scatter the store along with furniture, pottery, quilts, vintage fabric and more. If they don’t have it in store, then the owner may have it at home! Shopping is not the only reason Galena IL made the list.


The town is packed with history! The 19th century architecture lines the buildings on Main Street and around the town. A visit to Galena is truly like steeping back in time. Eighty-five percent of the town’s buildings are in a National Register historic District. Belvedere Mansion and Gardens is considered the finest mansion in Galena. Built in 1847, the Belvedere Mansion is truly a walk into the history of the state. Experience the vintage charm and history of Galena touring the Belvedere Mansion and Gardens. The picturesque scenery of the surrounding hills and valleys add to the experience.


The political history of Galena is among the most significant in the State of Illinois. Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas both spoke from the balcony of the DeSoto House Hotel. Ulysses S. Grant came to Galena in 1860 to work in his father’s leather goods store where he would later meet many politically influential friends and subsequently be named a General in the Civil War. Galena IL is full of rich history just waiting to be discovered.


If the history and scenery are not intriguing enough, then let us tempt you with the scrumptious local food that the town is serving up. Located on North Main Street, One Eleven Main serves familiar dishes in extraordinary ways. Dedicated to supporting local famers, artisans and food purveyors, One Eleven Main not only serves the best cuisine but also continues to help the residents of the area. From fresh locally baked desserts to regional craft beer, One Eleven Main offers you a dining experience you won’t want to miss!



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Photo courtesy Richie Diesterheft.