Mount Mansfield: The Tallest Mountain In Vermont

Mount Mansfield: The Tallest Mountain In Vermont

Things to Do, Vermont Select Registry – August 28, 2014

The Green Mountains of Vermont are beautiful to behold. After all, they are where the state gets its name - from "les Verts Monts", the French name for the range. Along with history and beauty, they also provide visitors with many opportunities for viewing local flora and fauna as well as hiking and mountain biking. Mount Mansfield is the tallest mountain in the state of Vermont and is a dream destination for outdoor enthusiasts, whether their hobby is hiking, mountaineering, climbing, or snow skiing. And with the inns in Vermont from Select Registry nearby, you can “rough it” on the mountain and come back to luxurious comfort.  

Geographical and Topographical Features of Mount Mansfield

Mount Mansfield is the highest point in the state of Vermont at 4,393 feet tall.  The summit of the mountain is located in the town of Underhill, while the ridge line goes into the neighboring towns of Stowe and Cambridge.  The name Mount Mansfield is derived from the fact that from certain angles, the profile of the mountain looks like the outline of the elongated face of a man (as if the man were lying down, face up).  Thusly, notable points of the mountain are referred to as features on a human face including the Adam’s apple, chin, lips, nose, and forehead.  The chin is the highest peak of the mountain.  

Hiking Mount Mansfield

Mount Mansfield is home to several hiking trails including the Long Trail, which covers the main ridge line of the mountain.  The Long Trail is 2.3 miles on-way, with a 2,800 foot elevation.  This steep trail is the most popular and has ample shelter.  The Laura Cowles Trail is a direct route up to the summit (the chin) and measures 2.7 miles, with an elevation gain of 2,600 feet.  The Sunset Ridge trail is the most scenic at 3.3 miles with an elevation gain of 2,600 feet from the beginning. It is more exposed than the other trails but provides the best views. Trails can be accessed by going to Underhill State Park, which is in the Mount Mansfield State Forest.  

Skiing Mount Mansfield

There are two ski areas on Mount Mansfield. Stowe Mountain Resort and Smuggler’s Notch Resort.  At Stowe Mountain Resort, there are expert trails, including the popular group of trails known as the “Front Four.” The names of these trails are: Goat, Starr, National, and Liftline and are notable due to their steepness, natural obstacles, and purposely unkempt condition.  If you’re an experienced skier looking for a challenge, then The Front Four might be right up your alley.  

Staying Near Mount Mansfield

When visiting Mount Mansfield, take advantage of the amazing Select Registry member Inn nearby.  The Stone Hill Inn in Stowe is an intimate and charming Vermont bed and breakfast perfect for couples.  Nestled on nine and a half acres of beautiful countryside, the Inn features luxurious accommodations and premium amenities like in-room jacuzzis and fireplaces.  It’s the perfect place to retire after a day of exploring the tallest mountain in Vermont.  And you can be sure to experience the Select Registry difference at the Stone Hill Inn.