A Maritime Favorite: Mystic Seaport, CT

A Maritime Favorite: Mystic Seaport, CT

Connecticut, Things to Do Select Registry – May 29, 2014

When someone mentions a seaport, you might immediately imagine a beautiful sunset on the horizon with boat sails casting shadows on the water or mouthwatering seafood freshly caught the morning of. Whatever might come to your attention, one of the best places to visit is Mystic Seaport CT. Visitors of Mystic Seaport get to experience the landscape, sailing around on a cruise or strolling through a world-renowned maritime museum, featuring exhibit halls and historical interpreters. This maritime favorite is guaranteed to make your vacation to Connecticut an unforgettable one.


No matter your age or the season, there is always something new to see and do at Mystic Seaport. Discover and explore maritime history firsthand throughout the re-created 19th-century New England village that is buzzing with sights and sounds of centuries past. Raise a ship’s sails, climb on a whaling ship, or simply wander around this amazing world of all things seafaring! Watch interpreters demonstrate maritime skills and listen to chanteymen perform music of the sea and shore. Amble through gardens that highlight the beauty and historical context of the river. Here are few highlights of Mystic Seaport CT! 


The Charles W. Morgan

In the summer of 2014, the Charles W. Morgan will embark on a voyage to historic ports in New England. This ship was built in 1841 and has sailed on 37 voyages to various corners of the globe over an 80-year career. Built for durability, not speed, the Morgan will be setting sail on her 38th  voyage. The Charles W. Morgan is the last of an American whaling fleet that numbered more than 2,700 vessels and is now America’s oldest commercial ship still afloat – only the USS Constitution is older. At Mystic Seaport the Morgan’s future vitality depends on continual preservation. In 1968, a major program of restoration and preservation was begun to repair her structurally. Today, she appears as she did during most of her active sailing career.


Olde Mistick Village

This 18th-century New England village offers a refreshing change from all the hustle and bustle in today’s day and age. Old Mistick village is a fantastic place to shop for the perfect gift or to dine at one of the local restaurants. With more than 25 places to shop and eat, you are sure to find something that satisfies your palate.  One place to stop and grab a bite is the Bleu Squid Bakery and Cheese Shop. They make a spectacular grilled cheese sandwich.


James Driggs’ Shipsmith Shop

This shipsmith shop was built in New Bedford, Massachusetts by James D. Driggs in 1885. It is the only manufactory of ironwork for the whaling industry known to have survived from the 19th century. Driggs’ Shipsmith was brought to Mystic Seaport in 1944, where it still is located today! Visit the shop and watch as the smiths continue the tradition of ironwork.



A center for sea music performances since the early 1970’s, Mystic Seaport CT holds the annual Sea Music Festival. Performers and participants come from all over the world to partake in the festivities. Music of the Sea and Shore comes in two forms; the work songs called chanteys and leisure-time songs and instrumental pieces. The 35th annual Sea Music Festival will be held from June 12 to June 15. Other events throughout the summer can be found here!


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