Make Time to Visit Hot Springs National Park While in Arkansas

Make Time to Visit Hot Springs National Park While in Arkansas

Arkansas, Getaways, National Parks, Things to Do Select Registry – March 5, 2014

They say the great outdoors lives up to its name in Arkansas. So if you’ve been wanting to visit the area, why wait? There’s so much to see and do, starting with Hot Springs National Park. Surrounding the north end of the city of Hot Springs, it’s in an urban area. We have a ton of reasons why you should make time to see the hot springs while in Arkansas, but here’s a start.

The hot spring water at Hot Springs National Park becomes heated at a depth of approximately one mile before beginning the journey back to the surface through a fault. The waters only emerge in the Bathhouse Row area downtown because the town grew around them. This is why you should be sure to tour the historic Fordyce Bathhouse during your trip.

Watch the park movie, Valley of Vapors, and the bathing video. The Fordyce Bathhouse operated from 1915-1962. On the first floor, you’ll explore the beauty of the bathhouse, from the lobby’s marble to the stained glass ceiling in the Men’s Bath Hall. Upstairs, there will be modern exhibits, and on floor three, a music room. You can still see the Fordyce Spring, explore the original Otis elevator mechanism and use the modern restrooms.

You will also want to stop by the Lamar Bathhouse, Bathhouse Row Emporium. Pick up a book about Hot Springs history or a bath-related souvenir. The store features an exclusive line of spa products that are made with hot spring water, and you can purchase coffee and other hot beverages made with the water as well.

As you stroll down Bathhouse Row National Historic Landmark District, take in the Grand Promenade, and then prepare yourself to really experience the thermal water. Take a traditional bath at the Buckstaff Baths, a park concessioner since 1912. The individual tubs there were patterned after European spas in the 1900s. Experience it the same way visitors did decades ago. You can soak in pools with the hot spring water or spend the day at the Quapaw Baths and Spa.

Finally, you must visit the Hot Springs Mountain Tower. This 216-foot tall tower overlooks 140 miles of the Ouachita Mountains. It’s located on Hot Springs Mountain Drive.

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Photo courtesy Ken Lund