7 Spectacular Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls

7 Spectacular Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls

Getaways, Oregon, Things to Do, Washington Select Registry – August 15, 2014

The Columbia River Gorge is an awe-inspiring area of the states of Washington and Oregon. This canyon made by the Columbia river is home to several ecological environments from temperate rainforest to dry grasslands, with some dramatic changes in scenery as you traverse the area. And it just so happens to be home to a fabulous Select Registry member and Oregon bed and breakfast. Visitors can expect fantastic vistas featuring mountains, forests, and the famous Columbia River Gorge waterfalls.     If you want to take in the wonder of nature during your next getaway, consider heading to the north west for a tour of some of the Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls.  The region is hem to several types of waterfalls including plunge, tiered, cascade, horsetail, and punchbowl. Each is defined by where the water pours from its source, the path it takes on its way down. There are more than 90 waterfalls within the Columbia River Gorge, and unless you’re planning to spend a long time in the region discovering them, you probably won’t see them all.  So, we recommend a visit to these 7 spectacular Columbia River Gorge waterfalls.    

1. Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls is the largest and most visited of the Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls. A network of trails find their focal point here. Second in height only to Yosemite Falls, Multnomah Falls plunges 620 feet into the Columbia River.  The Historic Columbia River Scenic Highway provides access to the falls and there is a lodge that offers great dining and the famous Benson Bridge is the centerpiece of many photographs.  

2. Triple Falls

Despite what its name might suggest, Triple Falls is a single waterfall that separates into three parallel chutes that are between 100 and 135 tall.  

3. Horsetail Falls

You can see Horsetail Falls from the road on the Historic Columbia River Highway.  This waterfall measures 176 feet and is  about two and a half miles from Multnomah falls.  

4. Ponytail Falls

Formed by Horsetail Creek, the same that plunges down at Horsetail Falls, this waterfall was created by the creek shooting through a narrow crack in the rock which later burst.  There’s a trail that passes right behind the falls that offers an up-close view and the chance to feel the spray on your face.  

5. Tunnel Falls

Tunnel Falls can be reached using a trail that passes through a tunnel behind the falls, giving the waterfall its name. Tunnel Falls offers a breathtaking view and a tricky hike.  

6. Whakeena Falls

Another one of the big Columbia River Gorge waterfalls are the Whakeena Falls.  The name originates from the Yakama word for “most beautiful.”  This tiered waterfall is located on the Historic Columbia River Highway, just about a half a mile away from Multnomah Falls.  

7. Punchbowl Falls

While short in stature at 15 feet, Punchbowl Falls is still a sight to behold.  In fact, you might find Punchbowl Falls on postcards, calendars, or other photographic collections celebrating the Columbia River Gorge waterfalls.     When mapping out which of these Columbia River Gorge waterfalls to visit, offset your days of hiking and exploring with a stay at a Select Registry member property. You can be sure that you’ll experience the finest accommodations during your stay.  Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins provide private cabins on near the banks of the Washington side of the Columbia River. Rustic decor meet luxury amenities for the perfect experience in the Columbia River Gorge.