Illinois Bed and Breakfast Getaway

Illinois Bed and Breakfast Getaway

Getaways, Illinois Select Registry – March 1, 2013

It is amazing what a short getaway can do for shedding stress and getting back the balance that is so necessary for being truly productive. We often forget that we need a break, getting so caught up in the daily rhythm and becoming so used to living with tensions that are not good for our bodies or our spirit.

The Best Prescription for Health

Taking an Illinois bed and breakfast getaway is one of the best prescriptions for getting back to our true selves. At a beautiful inn you can feel yourself unwind the moment you cross the threshold, as the hospitality is always right and the ambiance is designed for enjoyment.

Catering to Peace and Quiet

A bed and breakfast is an intimate place, unlike a hotel, which can be busy with people coming and going, still with their tensions in place. At a hotel there are so many diverse energies around that it takes time to relax. If you only have a few days, a bed and breakfast affords you immediate solace in an environment where there are few people and you can always be sure that you’ll be in a beautiful setting that caters to peace and quiet.

Perfectly Calibrated Havens

There are some truly wonderful bed and breakfasts in Illinois, some so near to Chicago that if you come from that bustling city, you’ll have your very own retreat practically right around the corner. If you hail from elsewhere, you will have the exquisite benefit of experiencing some of the most perfectly calibrated havens for a weekend away with a loved one, a good friend, or even on your own if you need a dose of luxurious solitude.

The Inn at Irish Hollow

The Inn at Irish Hollow in the exquisite, historic town of Galena, Illinois is placed on 500 acres of lush rolling hills. Imagine yourself hiking and trekking on trails that lead you through pristine forests, meadows filled with wildflowers, and wetlands ideal for bird watching. Here you can commune with nature, taking the time to breathe clean air and recapture your soul in an environment that lets you reconnect with your best self.

An Eco-Friendly Approach

At the Inn, the natural ambiance extends inside as well, with a completely eco-friendly approach that includes organic mattresses and bedding. You will feel the difference as you stretch out for an afternoon nap, or dip into deep dreams at night underneath covers that envelop the body in healthy fabrics that are soft, plush, and caressing.

The Finest Ingredients

Delicious food awaits you at The Inn at Irish Hollow, with every single meal made from scratch. All ingredients are the finest, and the chef knows just how to blend them to create sumptuous yet healthy repasts that will replenish and satisfy every cell of your body.

Luxury Cottages

With a renovated central Inn that was once a general store and shopkeeper’s home, the Inn also features luxury cottages with trails leading out to the forest and pastureland. Take your daily constitutional, or stay put for a while, just taking in the view, as meals can be delivered right to your door for enjoyment on your private screened-in porch.

The Harvey House Bed and Breakfast

Just a hop away from Chicago, The Harvey House Bed and Breakfast is situated in Oak Park, Illinois, making it more than easy to make a quick getaway. This bed and breakfast comes with many accolades, including a place on the Chicago Tribune’s ‘Year’s Best Hotel’ list.

Luxury and Romance

Housed in a 6,000 square foot brick and limestone Victorian home, the Harvey House Bed and Breakfast combines the best of a luxury hotel with the romance of a boutique inn. Picture a room with a fireplace, oversize bathtubs, and a Jacuzzi tub, along with a gourmet breakfast that allows you to sleep in late, as it is available until noon. Order an in-suite massage to start your stay the right way, and end it with a late checkout that gives you time to gather your things slowly. At this inn, there is never any pressure, as the owners are well aware that guests arrive with the desire for complete and utter relaxation.

Perfect for Business Travelers

With access to downtown Chicago, airports, shops, and restaurants, this inn is ideal for the business traveler who needs a break. It also provides the perfect corporate retreat. Many major companies come here to conduct business meetings, interviews, and focus group and planning sessions in a beautiful and tranquil environment.

The Best of Both Worlds

For the casual visitor, the inn provides the best of both worlds, where you can enjoy the tranquility of its grounds and also easily tour the area, taking in Frank Lloyd Wright’s Home and Studio and Ernest Hemingway’s birthplace. With the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Lyric Opera, and Art Institute of Chicago nearby, there is an abundance of cultural inspiration to add to the enjoyment of your stay.

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