What Is The Best Bed And Breakfast In California?

What Is The Best Bed And Breakfast In California?

California, Getaways Select Registry – June 22, 2012

Find the Best Bed & Breakfast for Your Vacation Stay

Choosing the best Bed & Breakfast in California isn’t an easy task. Actually, it’s impossible. There are too many wonderful Bed & Breakfasts in California to choose from. However, instead of focusing on one specific California Bed & Breakfast, we will focus on the best city for Bed & Breakfasts. This will lead you in the right direction and one of the best vacation experiences of your life. When it comes to Bed & Breakfasts in California, you may want to begin your search in Palm Springs. This area is well-known for its Bed & Breakfasts for several reasons. The first reason is that many Bed & Breakfasts in Palm Springs have been around for more than half a century. Not only that, but their popularity has only grown, not faded. Another reason Palm Springs Bed & Breakfasts are so popular are because of the natural beauty that surrounds them. Imagine sitting on a lounge chair by the pool while drinking a martini or fruit smoothie and looking up to find the sun rise over the mountains. This is a possibility at a Bed & Breakfast in Palm Springs. Another reason Bed & Breakfasts in Palm Springs stand out compared to other Bed & Breakfasts in California is because of all the amenities. When you search for a Bed & Breakfast in Palm Springs, be sure to look for certain features to ensure that you’re staying at one of the best locations. You definitely want to find a Bed & Breakfast with a pool, a hot tub and outdoor dining. Afternoon tea, complimentary snacks throughout the day, early coffee and tea are also standard expectations. Rooms should offer a private bathroom, a private entrance, a king-size bed, a flat-screen TV, a Jacuzzi, free WiFi and room service. Though not necessary for most people, some rooms will offer a refrigerator stocked with water and soda, a microwave and a coffee maker.

Amenities that Will Keep you in Complete Comfort

The amenities above probably sound impressive already, but it’s possible to find even more. For example, one Bed & Breakfast in Palm Springs has a 1950s theme. While the furniture and overall design are nostalgic in that regard, you still get to enjoy the luxuries of today. This is a unique experience, and it comes with couple’s massages, a poolside bar and a fire pit. Many people refer to it as the ultimate oasis for Bed & Breakfast hotels in California. Looking past the Bed & Breakfasts, it’s important to know what there is to do in the area. Antique shops and art galleries are popular here, which makes it a great place to vacation for a couple. If you’re a woman, you will likely love these activities. If you’re a man, it’s the perfect way to please your woman. For outdoor adventure, you can ride a bike into town, hike the mountains, go horseback riding or enjoy cross-country skiing. Other attractions and activities include casinos, garden tours, hot air ballooning and golfing. In addition to Palm Springs,  if you want the best of the best when it comes to California Bed & Breakfast Hotels on the coast, then look in Mendocino. How would you like to have your own private cottage that offers oceanfront views? These aren’t ordinary oceanfront views. These are views where you have an opportunity to watch waves crash against large boulders, where sailboats pass by in the distance and where sunsets are pure perfection. To make this type of experience even better, you can enjoy this scene from your own private deck or patio. Perhaps you would like to enjoy this moment while relaxing in a plush bathrobe and sipping on a complimentary bottle of wine. When you’re done enjoying this moment, you can retire to the fireplace with your loved one or go straight to sleep in your featherbed. It simply doesn’t get any better than this. When you wake the next morning, you can browse beautiful gardens, walk to town or visit Mendocino Headlands State Park. Once the day is through, you can return to your cottage and enjoy another night of endless beauty. When you’re through, maybe this time you will take advantage of the Jacuzzi. California Bed & Breakfast Hotels on the coast might offer the most gorgeous opportunities, but if you would like something a little more unique then look at Bed & Breakfast Hotels in Occidental. This is a tiny little village with a friendly charm. The best part about the Bed & Breakfasts here is that your room will have its own private courtyard with a private entrance. In addition to that, you will either have a private balcony or patio. Other impressive features include a gas fireplace, a mini-fridge and an over-sized jetted tub. Though these features all might sound enticing, they’re not the primary reason you stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Occidental.

Have Fun in the Sun at Sonoma Beaches or Tasty Glass of Wine at the Vineyards

Occidental is in a perfect location. You’re close to the Sonoma Beaches as well as dozens of vineyards. In most cases, when you stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Occidental, you will receive a winery pass. When you present this pass at any winery in the area, they will allow you free wine tasting. This presents the perfect opportunity for a romantic getaway or honeymoon. Who wouldn’t want access to beaches, free wine and the most tranquil quarters available in all of California? Let’s add that Armstrong State Reserve of Redwoods is nearby and you have every natural wonder you can imagine right at your fingertips. Whenever you’re in the mood for a little recreation, you can go kayaking, canoeing, golfing, whale watching, hiking, cycling or even zip-lining. Needless to say, Bed & Breakfast Hotels in California are the best choice for romantic getaways and honeymoons. If you want to lock in the most memorable trip of a lifetime today, then be sure to visit Select Registry to browse California Bed & Breakfast options and find the perfect place for you today.