Viva Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon

Viva Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon

Getaways, Things to Do, Vacation Tips Select Registry – August 13, 2012

A picture is worth a thousand words and to be honest there is no way that any words I could muster would do the Grand Canyon justice. I will say that is was freaking AMAZING! If it is not on your list of places to see - add it now!


Since we had Sid we were confined to hike the Rim Trail, which runs along the exterior of the Canyon. In order to hike below you needed a special permit and, while I like to think Amanda and I are pretty tough chicks, I'm not sure that would've been very smart to go into alone. You really can't call the Rim Trail a trail as much as a sidewalk with fenced scenic over looks, lunch spots and restrooms. Not exactly the rustic experience we were expecting, but the good news is that anyone can do it. We saw a few folks in wheelchairs managing the trail just fine. Unfortunately, we came on one of the few days a year that it actually rains at the Grand Canyon. We hit a little rain driving up and most of our hike was dry until the end. It was thundering and lightening, which scares Sid. Good thing we had him in the masculine energy vortex the day before!
To say the Canyon was beyond massive seems so obvious, but it is like nothing you have ever seen and I'm certain that neither I nor anyone else can fully understand how deep the Canyon runs. It was also mysteriously quiet, even with all the tourists (us included) snapping photos and pointing, the peace was palpable. When you're standing in the midst of something so profound it is difficult not to notice how small you really are. I think everyone needs that kind of reality check from time to time. We left the Grand Canyon with a serene feeling... until VEGAS!

Our plan was to stay in a town called Kingman, Arizona, which would put us about 4 hours from Palm Springs, our next stop on the journey. That was until we realized that Kingman was only 100 miles from Las Vegas, and Las Vegas was only 4 hours from Palm Springs. How could we resist? The ironic part of the story is that Amanda and I were in Vegas exactly one year ago to see Celine Dion in concert. This called for a little anniversary party, so we found a hotel that was pet-friendly and Sid hit the Strip.

This was my third stay in Vegas. It was never somewhere that I cared too much about visiting, until my now-husband invited me out for a convention he was attending ten days after we met, but that's a whole other crazy story! We had so much fun and Amanda and I lived it up for the second time.

As great as the nightlife is our favorite part about this city is the shopping! The most fabulous shoes, clothes, make-up and everything else you can imagine, all within the most elaborate hotels. After sushi, at SushiSamba in the Palazzo we went to town on the shops at the Venetian. A few purchases later, a few dollars lost in slot machines, and a few miles walked in high heels, we were spent. What a day - we woke up in Sedona, hiked the Grand Canyon, and partied in Vegas!

Is Palm Springs ready for us?