Top Florida Bed And Breakfast Inns

Top Florida Bed And Breakfast Inns

Florida, Getaways, Romantic Getaways Select Registry – May 23, 2012

A true escape from the everyday almost has to involve a few things like breathtaking views, a little pampering and lazy days filled with nothing in particular to be done. That is the lifestyle offered by the top Florida bed and breakfast inns. Staying in one of these charming properties is like taking a step back in time to a place where the pace of life was more relaxed. They are the kind of places where there is time to idle away the afternoon on a porch swing while balmy breezes blow in from the coast. These inns are designed specifically with the comfort of the guests in mind and they don’t just satisfy – they delight. The top Florida bed and breakfast inns can be found throughout the state. Even in the midst of urban sprawl when it seems that no accommodations can be had beyond the mundane, they appear. With such a proliferation of fine lodging choices available people visiting Florida never need to settle for the ordinary. Florida is recognized as one of the best states for tourism.

People flock here from all over the world to visit the major attractions and beaches. But while on vacation sometimes it’s preferable to get off the beaten path. That is definitely one of the best benefits of staying in a bed and breakfast. These inns are typically found in residential areas, giving visitors a taste of living like the locals. Though they may be found on quiet neighborhood streets, this does not mean that bed and breakfast inns do not put major attractions within easy reach. On the contrary, most provide ready access to freeways and even mass transit options. This allows the visitor to live like a local while still being able to do some serious sightseeing when the mood strikes.

Live Like a Local

Staying at one of the best Florida bed and breakfast inns allows guests to experience the state’s laid-back lifestyle like a local. One of the other advantages to staying in a bed and breakfast is the personality of each individual room. Cozy rooms decorated with genuine antiques and common areas that are designed to promote intimate conversation make these inns the choice of discriminating travelers from around the world. This is a direct contrast to major hotel chains that typically specialize in providing a sterilized experience that is identical across hundreds, if not thousands, of rooms. Experience the charm, sophistication and warmth that are inherent parts of the bed and breakfast experience by contacting Select Registry for information concerning the remarkable bed and breakfast lodgings throughout the state. Some of the best reasons to stay in a bed and breakfast inn on a trip to Florida are related to the high level of customer service that is common to these lodgings. For a single nightly fee guests are treated like members of the family and honored visitors. Included in the price of the room is parking, access to book and movie libraries, free advice about local attractions and at least one scrumptious meal every day. Many of the top Florida bed and breakfast inns also include nice extras like private gardens and Jacuzzi bathtubs. A picturesque gazebo or beach access makes the experience complete. Some even host afternoon gatherings for tea and snacks or wine tastings. These gatherings represent excellent opportunities to visit with the bed and breakfast's permanent residents and other guests. It is also an additional chance to sample the delectable local cuisine and discover favorite new beverages.

Enjoy the Views

Many of the best bed and breakfast inns in Florida can be found with an ocean view. Some feature their own private stretch of beach and are within easy walking distance of gourmet dining experiences. These inns are staffed by warm, caring personnel whose number one consideration is always the happiness of their guests staff each inn. In many cases the staff members actually own the properties and live on site, giving them a vested interest in guaranteeing the complete satisfaction of the people who share their homes. Each of the top Florida bed and breakfast inns is uniquely and tastefully decorated. No two rooms are ever exactly alike. Some of these properties even provide themed rooms that may reflect a well known author or movie. Many guests may discover a room with pale blue walls and a nautical theme or a room that looks like a Victorian garden. No matter their taste there is a room that is just right for them at one of these inns. Genuine antiques are the norm for furnishings and even the rooms with more modern décor boast furniture that is built with a singular craftsmanship and attention to detail. With a stay at one of these inns little is left to chance. Luxurious linens and indulgent bath products make every night one that is filled with peaceful dreams. Whatever the guest’s taste may be, chances are that there is a Florida bed and breakfast inn that is prepared to indulge it.

Start Each Day Right

In the morning guests are greeted by delectable breakfast scents rising from the inn’s kitchen. Every morning there are fresh baked pastries, egg dishes featuring local seafood and the most fragrant coffee on the market. Any guests with special dietary restrictions need only let their innkeeper know of their preference, and accommodations will happily be made. Sitting down to breakfast at one of these top Florida inns is the ideal way to start the day whether it will be filled with adventure or be comprised of long, lazy hours on the beach. The top Florida bed and breakfast inns are waiting to delight new guests every day of the year. Browse through the offerings of Select Registry to find the perfect lodging for an unforgettable getaway today.