Smoke Clears on Colorado Inns

Smoke Clears on Colorado Inns

Colorado, News Select Registry – August 28, 2012

Colorado Ready for TravelersThe Colorado wildfires are all over the news. We are glad to announce that the smoke has cleared, and much of the state remains largely unaffected by the fires. Some of the most popular destinations and attractions are open for business and are less crowded than average.

We checked in with some of the Select Registry inns in Colorado. Each inn reported that it sustained no physical damage from the recent fires and is ready to welcome you.

Allaire Timbers Inn

Nestled in Breckenridge, a small village in the Rocky Mountains, Allaire Timbers Inn has been able to find the positives in the tragedy of the fires by offering specials to those evacuated from their homes and otherwise affected by the fires. The inn was able to remain open and has no local restrictions other than the statewide fire ban.

Colorado Inns Welcoming VisitorsOld Town Guesthouse

The Old Town GuestHouse in Colorado Springs was also able to avoid damage and is ready to welcome guests. Unfortunately several guests have cancelled their travel plans to the inn and it is even more tranquil than usual. The innkeepers have reported that all Pikes Peak attractions, as well as all of the businesses in Old Colorado City, are open and awaiting tourists.

The Historic Castle Marne Inn

Denver and the Historic Castle Marne Inn are located between the High Park and Estes Park fires but were fortunate enough to avoid any damage. Though Estes Park was briefly evacuated, the town and its attractions are again open for business. The innkeepers report that both Estes Park and Colorado Springs are quieter than previous years.

With the wildfires ravaging much of the state, there are several reasons to visit Colorado in the coming months.

Fewer crowds

Some people have cancelled or postponed their Colorado vacations. This means there are no crowds. Attractions that may have had long lines in previous years can now be enjoyed to their fullest potential.

Colorado Looking for Return of TouristsMore Individual Attention

Innkeepers, shop owners, and other employees are able to afford more individualized attention to their patriots with fewer customers visiting. Many are grateful for any visitors they get and may offer additional services or discounts or even behind the scenes access not possible when they are at maximum capacity.

Additional Wildlife Viewing

The fires have also affected wildlife. Loss of habitat can cause erratic migration. The decreased human traffic will also contribute to animals venturing into uncommon places. These factors combined can allow you to experience more of the wonderful wildlife Colorado has to offer. Just keep in mind that confused animals are often unpredictable.

Support Businesses

Many of us feel helpless after such tragedies as wildfires, hurricanes and tornadoes. One of the best things you can do to help affected areas is support local business. This allows the economy to stabilize and communities to rebuild.

Start planning your Colorado bed and breakfast getaway today by visiting a Select Registry member.