Pampered in Jackson, Mississippi's Fairview Inn.

Pampered in Jackson, Mississippi's Fairview Inn.

Mississippi, News Select Registry – August 6, 2012
Sid's very own welcome package at Fairview Inn.

"Oooooo, aaaahhhh, whoa" were all sounds coming from Amanda and I when we pulled into the Fairview Inn. This place is regal! Amber, the guest services manager was there to meet us and give us a tour of the Inn. From the look of the full library, spa, restaurant, and gift shop, we wished right away that we had more time there. We knew it would take longer than one night to experience all this Inn has to offer, but that's okay... we'll just have to come back!

Sid made him self right at home which was easy for him to do. Fairview Inn had a doggie bed, welcome note, toy and cookies for Sid! Peter and Tamar Sharp, the Inn's owners, sure know how to make two girls and a goldendoodle feel special.

Gayle Sister's Treat -- our own dessert special!

If we had stayed much longer it may have gone straight to our heads! Amanda and I went to Sophia's, the Inn's fine dining restaurantwhere Peter made us dinner reservations. Chef Gary and the owner's 17 year-old nephew had created a dessert just for us — chocolate/orange truffles with chocolate covered strawberries! Amanda enjoyed scallops and I had the Vegetable Wellington. Both were scrumptious. Seriously, we have never eaten so well, as on this road trip.

Cheers to the Fairview Inn.

Peter and Tamar joined us for a portion of our delicious dinner and we learned we had lots in common with Tamar.

This woman is very into healthy living, is a massage therapist, esthetician, and reiki practitioner. She is responsible for running the NomiSpa and we really wished we could have indulged in one of her facials. Although we did not have time to visit the Spa, after meeting Tamar, I would like to recommend to anyone around or visiting Jackson to go and let this woman work her magic on you.

I feel the need to take a moment and speak to all the ladies out there and mention the size of our bathroom at the Inn. It was huge and awesome and the rain head shower made it difficult to get out. I know that when my husband reads this he will laugh because with our recent marriage he has come to learn how important a fabulous bathroom is to a woman, and apparently Fairview Inn understands as well.

Last night we went out on the town in Jackson. Peter and Tamar suggested Underground 119, a local Jazz Bar, and it was a perfect recommendation. This was a happening place to say the least. The latin funk band Cucho Rhythm Revenue was playing and they were great. We decided not to hang out too late since we knew we had an 11 hour drive to Austin, Texas this morning.

When we had a question or a request, Peter had an answer. It is obvious that this man has devoted all his energy to make sure all guests of Fairview have a wonderful experience and none of it went unnoticed by Amanda and I.

After leaving the Fairview Inn, we experienced our first hitch in the giddy-up... after stopping for gas in Louisiana, Amanda left her wallet on the bumper of the 4Runner! Fast forward 30 minutes later and an extremely kind man got our attention on Interstate 20 to let us know it was back there. Boy, did he save us! We got the wallet, after it traveled more than twenty miles on the bumper at 80 mph. We like to think that God smiled upon us during those moments - CRAZY!

Austin, here we come!