Laguna Beach Spas

Laguna Beach Spas

California, Romantic Getaways Select Registry – June 13, 2012

A Trip to a Luxurious Spa is Just What You Need

A visit to southwestern California's Laguna Beach will encourage you to relax and indulge yourself in one of the many spas in Laguna Beach. This picturesque seaside resort and artist community has a wide variety of day spas to offer you the ultimate in relaxation techniques. Indulge yourself by visiting one of the local spas in Laguna Beach during your stay.

Massage therapy has been around for thousands of years as skilled professionals use long sweeping motions and other techniques to relieve stress or pain from the body. These therapies have become so popular due to the feeling of overall well-being it encompasses. Treat yourself and keep your body in balance with nature.


Paper Yourself with Natural Treatments

Once you pamper yourself with natural treatments offered by many of the spas in Laguna Beach, your skin will feel refreshed, hydrated, and smooth. Many of the local spas use only botanical and organic ingredients in their skin care and massage treatments. These natural ingredients work more easily into the skin to improve circulation and relax tired, strained muscles. Several of the spas use natural elements from the ocean to condition your skin such as salt and marine algae.

You'll find many specialized body treatments offered at each spa and the list is endless. Specialized therapies such as prenatal therapies, teen facials, a gentleman's facial, or a Thai Yoga Massage are some of the spa offerings in Laguna Beach, but there's certainly many more. Try a Shiatsu Massage where rhythmic pressure is applied to pressure points on your body or an invigorating Thai Massage that compresses the muscles and mobilizes the joints. Many of the local spas will customize a body treatment or massage for you, usually combining one or two different massage techniques.


Traditional Spa Therapies Are Also Available

Of course, the traditional spa therapies are also available at most spas. For those who enjoy a Hot Stone Massage or a Swedish Massage, you can easily find these popular therapies at most of the spas in Laguna Beach. Other traditional therapies such as manicures, pedicures, skin care, and Reflexology are also available at many of the local spas.

The best thing about pampering yourself at one of the spas in Laguna Beach is the natural surroundings that Laguna Beach offers. You can take in the beautiful scenery and the smell of the warm ocean breezes as a skilled therapist is treating your body. It's a natural aromatherapy that you can't afford to pass up, and this is why outdoor therapies are very popular here.


Wellness Packages to Fit Your Needs

While you're letting your mind and body relax from one of the great spa therapies in Laguna Beach, now's the time to think about a wellness package. A wellness package will complete the whole body and mind experience. You'll be able to take some of these experiences home with you to continue the process and keep your body refreshed.

There are many different styles of wellness programs that can be added to your spa therapy treatment. You can get involved in an interactive class or have a private coaching session. Learn the art of meditation; your therapist will help you master it so you can continue this skill at home. Maybe you need to revise and re-energize your home workout routine, or nutritional counseling may interest you. Eating healthy and understanding calories and nutrients will help you on your way to a healthier lifestyle. A few spas offer postural assessment and ways to keep your back and spine strong as you age.

As you can see, there are many options available for your choice of well-being. The most stimulating factor is that your well-being is enhanced by the natural beauty and surroundings at Laguna Beach. Here, you can participate in most of these wellness programs outdoors so your senses are revitalized. Breathe in the salty ocean air while listening to the waves softly roll in as you skillfully learn meditation or have a one-on-one personalized training session. Sit for awhile on the cliffs or on the beach and let positive, serene thoughts engulf you. The techniques you learn from a wellness program will add to your total body experience and improve your well-being instantly.

You can also look at the many different spa packages that are available. Every spa in Laguna Beach offers spa packages for couples, weddings, birthdays, girls day out, company rewards, pregnancy, or any other special occasion. You can also create a customized spa package for you and someone else or a group of people; maybe it's your sister, mother, a few friends, or a pre-natal package with another Mom-to-be. Your therapist will be glad to help you customize something fun and revitalizing that will benefit everyone.


Assortment of Packages to Choose

Laguna Beach offers many choices when it comes to spas, and each spa has a wide variety of treatments. Choosing any one of them will be a rewarding experience for your well-being. What makes the spas at Laguna Beach unique is their location on a healthy natural setting that enhances any spa treatment you receive. The natural setting of the cliffs and ocean is free with all treatments and helps to relax your mind and body more quickly than a typical setting in a downtown location. It's hard to beat the natural aromatherapy offered Laguna Beach spas.

Pampering yourself to any of the spa services in Laguna Beach is easy. If you would like more information on this breathtaking area and the spas at Laguna Beach, visit Select Registry. Spending a well-deserved day nourishing your mind and body and enjoying some wellness time for yourself and/or your loved ones at a Laguna Beach spa is one of the nicest gifts you can give yourself.  Why not take advantage and enjoy today!