Colorado Luxury Inns

Colorado Luxury Inns

Colorado, Getaways, Romantic Getaways Select Registry – July 3, 2012

Majestic Mountain Views In Colorado

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, then Colorado will be your best option. Nothing beats majestic mountain views, the freshest air and the cleanest lakes and rivers in the country. While most people have a general idea of what Colorado is like, we will be a little more specific and tell you the top two places to visit. For the best experience, it’s also important that you stay at a Colorado luxury inn. These luxury inns are easy to find. They might be a little pricier than standard hotels, but nobody remembers a standard hotel stay as one of the best experiences of their life. Finding romance in Colorado is easy. Though traditional hotels might put you close to many beautiful and natural attractions, wouldn’t you prefer to have beauty right outside your door? There’s a big difference between stepping outside your room to face a parking lot and stepping outside your room to see flower gardens with the Rocky Mountains in the background. Which location do you think your partner will prefer? The latter.  

Colorado Luxury Inns

When you’re searching for a romantic getaway in Colorado, look at Colorado Luxury Inns before all other options. These properties are set up to make you feel like you’re in heaven for a few days. Every detail is covered and the focus for a Colorado Luxury Inn is natural beauty. Let’s take a look at what the average Colorado Luxury Inn can offer.  


One of the best places to stay in Colorado is Breckenridge. The skiing here is top of the line as well as a big reason why people flock to Breckenridge in the winter. The views of snow-filled mountains and the ski areas are also unbeatable. All that said, there’s actually more to do in Breckenridge in the summer. Whitewater rafting is popular here. There are many tour companies that can offer what you’re looking for regardless of your skill level. Horseback riding is picturesque as you strut through the forests and on trails besides rivers. Mountain biking is adventurous because of the diverse and steep terrain. Hot air ballooning is for the ultimate adventurer. There are also several Championship golf courses in the area. If all this sounds a little too active for you, then just kick back, enjoy the shops and restaurants as well as all the amenities at your luxury inn.  

Luxury Guarantees Great Amenities

The amenities at your luxury inn are likely to include a private deck, a private hot tub, a fireplace, an outdoor public hot tub, a reading room, a sunroom and a restaurant that offers indoor and outdoor seating. Another big plus for Breckenridge luxury inns is that all of them offer extraordinary views. A river view is another possibility. While it’s difficult to predict what type of view you will have, it’s a guarantee that it will be pretty. Interior amenities are likely to include antique furnishings, plush bathrobes, a hot tub, Cable TV, free WiFi and possibly even an iPod docking station.  

Colorado Springs

Moving over to Colorado Springs, this is also an active area, but there is more offered in the way of site seeing. Examples include art galleries, museums and historic sites. Popular activities here include cycling, golfing, tennis, horseback riding and fishing. There are also several quality culinary classes offered. When you leave your suite, cabin or cottage, you will have plenty of land to explore. Most Colorado Luxury Inns have between 10 and 50 acres. You could spend your entire vacation roaming and enjoying the grounds. Some people choose to pass on local attractions and remain in this tranquil paradise. That depends on you and your partner.  

Take Into Consideration Distance to Downtown

When you’re looking for a luxury inn in Colorado Springs, keep a few things in mind during your search. You want to stay in a hotel that’s within walking distance to downtown. This way you don’t need a car to get to restaurants, shops and attractions. Make sure you stay in a luxury inn that offers soundproof walls. Colorado Springs is a popular tourist destination, which means there will be a lot of kids. No one wants their trip ruined by a bunch of screaming kids in the next room. Some luxury inns offer private porches with their rooms. That being the case, it’s recommend that you choose one of these locations. Other features that signify a quality Colorado Springs luxury inn are a patio, afternoon wine/beer, a concierge as well as complimentary beverages and snacks. You should find small ponds, hiking trails, Blue Spruces, Ponderosa Pines, tree swings and more. Don’t be surprised if you hear a songbird singing a romantic tune as you walk hand-in-hand down a peaceful trail through the woods. Most Colorado Luxury Inns are also situated near rushing mountain streams. Though sitting on the back deck of a Colorado Luxury Inn and enjoying the scenery is nice, nothing beats a private picnic on a large rock while sitting next to your loved one and listening to the water flow. If you choose to visit in the winter, you can still go for a romantic hike. The only difference is that you will have to wear snowshoes. Most people enjoy this experience even more because it’s something they have never done and the snow-filled woods are gorgeous in the wintertime. Other features you should expect to find at your Colorado Luxury Inn include a full country breakfast, free coffee and tea, free beverages and snacks and perhaps even a free bottle of wine.  

Treat Yourself to A Romantic Vacation

If you would prefer to visit local attractions, always begin with Rocky Mountains National Park. If you love golf, then strongly consider playinga round in Colorado. There’s nothing like walking the links while looking up at majestic, snow-capped mountains in the background. If you would like more information on Colorado Bed and Breakfasts, be sure to visit your guide to inn living, Select Registry today.