Celebrity Status in Palm Springs

Celebrity Status in Palm Springs

California, Festivals and Events, Georgia, Things to Do, Vacation Tips Select Registry – August 14, 2012

We felt like Hollywood in Palm Springs! We were upgraded to a two bedroom villa, and with all the togetherness in the car all day, every day, it was nice for us to each have our own room. With so much space, including two living areas and a dinning space, we both felt like we had moved into a condo! The Villa Royale Inn feels like a European village. After 9 days on the road we decided to chill at this luxury Inn and spent most of the afternoon floating in one of two pools.

Pool at the Villa Royale Inn -- one of two!

The pool was especially refreshing because it was 110 degrees in Palm Springs yesterday, which is typical this time of year. Since it's the off season for the town, the Inn was fairly quiet. After spending the night in Vegas, both us and Sid were grateful for the peace. After taking a dip in the pool we did the next most relaxing thing a person could do and took a nap.

On our way into Palm Springs, we saw a great organic eatery called Palm Greens and headed in for a quick bite. Awesome food! Amanda had a black bean burger and I devoured a hummus and falafel wrap. A perfect lunch for doing a whole lot of nothing all afternoon.

Owner, David Shahriari, made us reservations at the Inn's Europa restaurant. Equally as exciting as the food, was the tall drink of water who served it to us. I told Amanda she might just have to stay put in Palm Springs, but three courses and a few glasses of wine was all the time we spent with this cutie. Dinner was great. We both had the beet salad, and then Amanda had gnocchi bolognese, and I had roasted chicken with mashed potatoes. Both very comforting and delicious! We finished it off with a chocolate molten cake topped with vanilla ice cream, because... why not? The restaurant was decorated with such warmth and we especially loved the dinner ware. Both of us have a hereditary affiliation for dishes that stems from our mother. If my husband says one more time "Please, no more bowls," that will be a miracle because I just can't resist a unique piece of pottery!

Relaxing at the Villa Royale.

We were fortunate to be in town on a Thursday because every week at the same time, the town comes together for Palm Springs VillageFest. The streets were lined with vendors selling everything you can think of. Amanda got a really cute book-bag for school. With the high temperatures we were not expecting the Festival to be very busy, but we were wrong. Tons of people came out to celebrate, which only added to the excitement to the evening. Sid, who's usually very shy, seemed especially excited to be at VillageFest. He's really surprised us both on this trip, being social and allowing folks to pet him. The festivities shut down at 10 o'clock, so we headed back to the Villa, watched a movie and hit the hay.

On the way to Los Angeles we hit our first real traffic delay of the trip and after such smooth sailing on the majority of the trip so far, none of us had the stomach for it -- including Sid, who got sick in the car. Good times! But the sandy beaches of Santa Barbara made it all better. It's amazing how just a few minutes of walking along the beach snapped us all out of our funk. It's as if mother nature just gave us a spoonful of medicine. This little beach town is awesome! We both said we could move here in a heartbeat. After a few hours of walking and grabbing a quick bite to eat we got headed up Route 154 to the Ballard Inn.