Bucket List Item #25: Visit Sedona

Bucket List Item #25: Visit Sedona

Arizona, Getaways, News, Vacation Tips Select Registry – August 9, 2012

Most people do not appreciate being told what to do, but I'm telling you that you HAVE to go to Sedona and when you do, stay at the Lodge at Sedona. Amanda and I agreed that this is one of the most beautiful places we have ever seen. The 25 mile drive we took down the canyon on 89A was breathtaking. It was the first time since Jackson, Mississippi that we saw tons of greenery, set against a back drop of Mother Nature's red rock sculptures.

Gotta love that red rock!

The Lodge at Sedona was equally as stunning. Right off of our private back porch were magnificent views of the canyon. The room was decorated with a southwest flare, and accented with Native American art. The jetted shower was a huge bonus, not to mention the outside shower, that Amanda said was one of her favorite experiences this entire trip! Amanda also felt it was important to talk about how comfy the bed linens were. This is coming from a woman who understands the value of a high thread count, so that compliment is huge considering the source. Sid had a most comfortable stay with his own bed and cookies, complements of the Lodge.

Outdoor shower at the Lodge at Sedona.

Thanks to Kristi, who did a great job of helping us get around Sedona, we headed to the masculine Sedona energy vortex located a few miles from the Lodge. Sedona has four known vortexes, swirling centers of energy sources that stem from the earth's surface. When a person or goldendoodle stands within the vortex the subtle energy has an opportunity to connect with that being. Many believe that these natural wonders promote healing and spiritual connection between human and mother nature.

I tend to be an analytical person, so I sometimes struggle with letting go of my thinking side and instead get in touch with my feeling side, which is needed to fully comprehend the power of a vortex. I can say though that Sid, no offense to him, is a bit of a sissy dog and since visiting the masculine energy vortex, has been a little braver the past few days. Whether you are a spiritual person or not it would be difficult not to feel connected to something greater in Sedona. The Lodge has created a beautiful Labyrinth, an intricate collection of different paths all connected to the same center, that guests can spend time walking or standing in. This structure supports the age old saying, "Many paths, one truth."

After the vortex we went into the little town of Sedona and hit a few shops. Driving through this town will revert you back to an old western film, as it is set up to resemble the wild wild west. Although we didn't run into Doc Holiday, we did find some cute new clothes to sport for the trip! Feeling full from our lunch at the Indian Gardens, which has great health fare, we decided to keep it light for dinner and visit the ChocolaTree, a new healthy eatery. Sedona has no shortage of delicious options for the health food junkie, and boy did we go all out. Our dinner consisted of miso and potato soup, nori and flax seed crackers with hummus and salsa, and kale salad - whoa nutrient overload! Of course we are all about keeping life in balance so this morning we indulged in the Lodge's breakfast of blueberry croissant bread pudding and canadian bacon. It felt more life dessert than breakfast, which is perfectly fine with the Gayle sistas! They even served Sid a breakfast of scrambled eggs. All three of us needed the fuel because today we head to the Grand Canyon!