Best Place To Stay In Napa

Best Place To Stay In Napa

California, Romantic Getaways Select Registry – March 1, 2012

How to plan for a Trip To Napa

Planning a trip to Napa sounds pretty basic. After all, most of the daytime activities are a given—journey from winery to winery in search of your new favorite cabernet, experience the quaint atmosphere of a community built around an industry of vineyards, and savor the scenic surroundings as you sip on syrah. It’s that simple, really, until it’s time to retire for the evening and rejuvenate for the next day’s excursion.

Napa is home to as large a variety of hotels and bed and breakfasts as it is home to vineyards. Although tasting rooms cater to the ‘try before you buy’ mentality, the same luxury can’t be found when it comes to choosing a place to stay for the night. Since you don’t get to test the amenities before arriving, plan the perfect overnight destination for your trip to Napa by considering the location, size, and extras that you’ll want before you arrive.

What can you do in Downtown Napa?

When someone mentions Napa, most likely you will picture rolling hills of grape vines. Downtown Napa, however, is filled with many of the features of a typical city, including Whole Foods and Target, as well as many downtown tasting rooms that are exclusive to Napa. If you plan on tasting deep into the night, downtown might be the best place to stay as the tasting rooms are open later than the vineyard’s tasting rooms. Since downtown Napa is fairly small, almost everything is within walking distance, making it easy to go to dinner, stay out for an evening drink, and come back to the hotel without a hassle. If you like being close to convenience stores, downtown Napa is also the best place to find a hotel for your visit. Frequent travelers and platinum members of hotels will most likely find their preferred hotel of choice in the downtown area.

Outside of downtown Napa, there are a couple smaller towns that offer charming hotels and bed and breakfasts that fit in with the characteristic Napa vineyard experience. For more of the outdoor-escape feel, stay away from downtown Napa and look into the outside towns of Calistoga and St. Helena. Their one-block main streets have unique shops and boutiques only found in Napa. You’ll also be more centrally located to visit the vineyards in the area. There are many car service options available to hire for a day of touring. They not only provide a designated driver but also a resident expert on the must-sees in the area.

How much will it cost to stay in Napa?

Price is a huge factor for most people when looking at places to stay on vacation. In fact, for many, price may be the number one concern. So, after deciding whether to stay in the downtown area or outside of Napa proper, and once the extra amenities for the stay have been decided, price needs to be considered. Luckily, with the large variety of options in the area, many overnight spas, hotels, and bed and breakfasts offer packages that include more than just a night’s stay for no extra cost.

For example, larger hotels are known for their free wine receptions in the evening. Smaller spas outside the downtown area and bed and breakfasts have weekend specials and couple’s retreat prices. Somewhere in Napa, there is always a special to be found. Some spas even include cheaper pricing for a night’s stay when guests also book appointments for their signature mud baths or massages, and everyone knows the benefits of staying somewhere that offers free breakfasts. Saving the price of a meal a day can add another winery to the tasting-budget.

Finally, when doing price comparisons, ask if the hotels have any agreements with the local wineries. Even some of the smaller bed and breakfasts are well-connected. Many agreements between wineries and accommodations offer free and reduced-price tasting for guests referred by certain hotels. Knowing these price breaks beforehand will allow you to get a true comparison on how much it costs to stay at a certain place. If one bed and breakfast has a higher price per night but they can also get you into several wineries free where there normally would have been a $15 tasting fee, the money they save you in wine tasting will at least make up for a slightly higher price. Finding out exactly what each place offers can help compare accommodations and might make the choice so easy that you’ll feel as if there really isn’t any choice at all.

Finding the best place to stay on vacation is important in setting the tone for the whole trip. For trips to Napa, finding the best place to stay should be handled before arriving in the wine country so that once you’re there, the only thing you need to worry about is finding your new favorite zinfandel. Although finding the best place to stay in Napa for the right price takes a little research, that’s only because there are so many options.

Friends and family familiar with Napa can be helpful in recommending places to stay, restaurants to eat at, and wineries to experience. However, the best way to find the perfect place to stay on your Napa vacation is to let the professionals take care of the accommodations. Websites such as Select Registry specialize in finding the best accommodations at local bed and breakfasts and inns for their clients. Visit Select Registry to start your search for the best place to stay in Napa, and find an accommodation that exceeds all expectations. That way you can concentrate on the most important things, such as critiquing the nose and legs of your next sip of wine.

If you can go either way on location and size of the hotel or inn, consider any amenities you may be interested in. Bed and breakfasts can come complete with fireplaces and balconies for the ultimate romantic getaway. With a little forethought on what the best place to stay is, it’s possible to easily plan the perfect Napa holiday full of wine tasting, relaxation, and good memories for everyone. Visit Select Registry to find the bed and breakfast or inn in Napa of your choice today!