Washington Bed and Breakfast

Washington Bed and Breakfast

Washington Select Registry – September 8, 2011

Whether you are planning a wedding, a social event, or just want to escape from the monotony of impersonal hotel experiences, you might want to consider a Bed and Breakfast. Bed and Breakfasts offer a difference which is attested by any and all who have had the pleasure of staying in one. Contrary to the general notion of Bed and Breakfasts as being relics of the past, there are something like 20,000 B&Bs in the US and Canada. As one may expect, however, not all B&Bs are created equal. Select Registry has cataloged only the finest B&B destinations just for you.

Select Registry represents an association of nearly 400 of the finest inns in North America. Having been in operation for over 40 years, they have developed a method of inspection which truly separates gems from the lot of only so-so inns across the continent. Every one of their member establishments stands as an elite example of a long tradition of excellence, having been initially selected for membership due to their excellence, personally selected by Select Registry inspectors for their quality and then periodically reviewed to ensure their longevity as such.

In addition to their inspection and registry system, Select Registry offers numerous packages, as well as keeping an up-to-date list of specials and discounts presently available, specifically suited to the needs of their clientele and they feature a loyalty system, called the "Golden Quill Loyalty Program," which allows regulars to accumulate points towards $100 gift certificates for use at member B&Bs. Following are just three of their available packages:

The Romance Package: A simple package, applying at all locations, featuring the additional niceties of chilled champagne, two elegant, souvenir Champagne Flutes, and, of course, Ghirardelli chocolates. Additionally, they also offer a list of specific romance packages being offered exclusively at specific member B&Bs.

The Six Nights Honeymoon Package: Here you stay, you guessed it, six nights at the magnificent Villa Marco Polo Inn experiencing the beautiful vistas offered by Victoria and Vancouver island. You will also receive a $40 gift card for use at the White Heather Tea Room, a one-hour massage for two, a $100 credit to Victoria's Chez Michel and more.

Classic Conference Package: Select Registry also offers many packages exclusively for businesses; this one being the standard. You stay in a renaissance villa with a great view of Seneca Lake in New York. Featuring a gorgeously furnished conference suite, a served or buffet lunch, a candlelight gourmet dinner, beverage service, and everything else you will need for your business conference.

In addition to the aforementioned packages, there are, at least, dozens more all designed to please at the exclusive Select Registry member inns. The locations offered are so nice that many are regarded as high-quality resort destinations, so you do not want to miss out on the opportunities afforded by using Select Registry to plan your marriage, conference, honeymoon, or simple getaway. Those who appreciate quality know that Select Registry represents the cream of the crop. Contact www.selectregistry.com to find the Bed and Breakfast or Washington Inn of your dreams today!