Texas Bed and Breakfast

Texas Bed and Breakfast

Getaways, Texas, Things to Do Select Registry – September 9, 2011

If you've never been to Texas, a bed and breakfast is the way to stay in the Lone Star State. There three reasons you'd want to visit Texas, and here's how a Texas bed and breakfast can provide all three of them...

The Folks

Texans are known around the world as fun, decent, hard working people, and you'd do well to get to know a few of them. But what's the hardest thing to do when traveling? Meet new people. In the rush to get from the airport to the hotel to the sights to the restaurant and back to the airport, you rarely get a moment to stop and talk with anyone. Well, chatting with your hosts over coffee or having some sweet tea on the back porch is a great way to make some friends while you're in Texas. Texans are some of greatest, warmest people in the country. They say everything's bigger here, and that includes the hospitality. You could say that you haven't really been to Texas unless you've sat down and had a conversation with a real Texan. Texas is as much the people as it is a place.

The Country

The big skies, blood red sunsets and desert landscapes of Texas are really best enjoyed from a cozy quarters. As great as Austin and Houston can be, finding a small, rural Texas bed and breakfast to spend the night and the next morning at the very least offers better scenery. Staying somewhere a little out of the way is usually a hassle if you're visiting Florida or New York or somewhere, but in Texas, getting a little out of the way is how you experience this state for what it truly is. Texas is the view out the window on long road trips, Texas is being out in the middle of nowhere with a drink and nothing to do but relax. If nothing else, staying at a bed and breakfast will force you to take some time to actually enjoy your vacation instead of spending the whole time rushing around from place to place.

The Food

Texas is famous for its food. T-bone steaks, ribs, buttered corn on the cob, Texas toast, heaping mounds of bacon and eggs. Restaurants around the world try their best to replicate these flavors, but the best way to experience them is in the home of some real live Texans. The southwest flavor is pretty much synonymous with the state of Texas, and nowhere is it more authentic than right off a hot stove in a real Texan home. Classic American dishes like baked potatoes, Tex-mex feasts like chicken and steak fajitas, everything you've ever loved in American southwestern cuisine, you'll find here.

Whether you're staying near Austin, Houston or Dallas, the great state of Texas is exactly the kind of place that bed and breakfasts were invented for. Nowhere will you be happier to have a cozy place to stay with great people, great food and great scenery than in Texas.

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