Small and Elegant Hotels

Small and Elegant Hotels

Romantic Getaways Select Registry – December 12, 2011

A small hotel does not have to be small on amenities, service or elegance. In fact, by choosing a hotel that is both small and elegant, guests can maximize the pleasure in their stay without sacrificing any of the standards that they have come to expect from large chain hotels. In terms of consumer driven reviews, the word small is often used to describe the negative. This is not so with the choice of a small hotel. In addition to the amenities and service of larger hotels, small hotels can offer an intimacy beyond compare. Hotels with fewer rooms to offer can afford a greater amount of personal attention to their guests, creating a more welcoming atmosphere and putting travel stressed guests at ease. Rather than being forced to compete with hundreds of other guests for personal attention from hotel staff, visitors of small hotels can expect personalized attention from staff members who remember their face and name.

By eliminating the distractions that are created by large numbers of guests, smaller hotels are able to create an atmosphere of heightened elegance. Attention to detail is an important aspect of creating an elegant atmosphere and an aspect that is difficult to achieve in large hotels. Unique furnishings, for example, are often a focal point of small hotels, while their large counterparts are known for cookie-cutter rooms in which each piece has been manufactured to look exactly like the neighboring occupant’s. Attention to detail goes beyond the furnishings of a hotel and directly to the heart of a relaxing and comfortable stay.

There are several different options when considering small hotel choices. Boutique hotels are a popular option for travelers seeking luxury accommodations that include an intimate and personalized experience. Such hotels boast exciting amenities and luxury treatment in a unique setting. For those seeking extremely intimate accommodations with an emphasis on home style feel and local culture, Bed and Breakfast accommodations are an excellent option. Bed and Breakfast establishments are often converted from private homes giving guests the feeling of staying in a home rather than a hotel room and come with the added comfort of a hot morning meal. Inns are often instantly associated with being a hotel, though undoubtedly, the title suggests that the accommodations are small and have been untouched by a corporate chain. Guests seeking a quaint, country feel from their stay will find that choosing an Inn satisfies their needs.

The difference in the offerings of large hotel chains and small elegant hotels is clear. Sacrificing size is really no sacrifice at all. When choosing small hotels, the elegance, amenities, service and style guests receive are larger than life. The attention to individual customer needs and emphasis on intimacy and comfort simply cannot be found in a large hotel chain. Small hotels are able to offer a unique experience unlike any manufactured chain. By choosing a small, elegant hotel, guests are choosing to take the stress and monotony out of travel and put the enjoyment back in. Find the small and elegant hotel that you are looking for by visiting Select Registry today!