Our Search Features Are Improved! Thanks For Your Input.

Our Search Features Are Improved! Thanks For Your Input.

News Select Registry – June 3, 2011

We are excited to inform you that we have improved our search feature on www.selectregistry.com. Thanks to your input and input from other site visitors, we have added more search options and have included easy access to our Google map feature. We have taken your input seriously and welcome any additional comments you wish to share as you use our new feature so we can continue to make Select Registry more responsive to your needs.

You’ll find new search field features such as Inn Name, City/Destination, a State/Province drop down menu, Location Type, Price, and a list of Amenities. You’ll notice that some of these fields existed in the previous search feature and have remained or have been improved upon.

Remember, if you use multiple fields, you are asking the search feature to find properties that satisfy all the criteria you list (e.g., California, Mountain, and $100-$199 will list members that offer the features you requested).

The most popular request was to add a map that does not require a log in, this was originally found under the “Trip Planner”.

You can gain access to the map by clicking on “Show Map” at the bottom of the search widget.  You’ll see a map of the U.S. and southern Canada where you can locate the Select Registry members closest to your destination.  This can be very beneficial if you’re taking a long trip by car or train and want to stop at Select Registry properties along the way.

A great tool on this map is the “Jump To” field.  Here you can specify the town and state (Asheville, NC) or zip code of your destination and the map will zoom to that vicinity.  You can also use your mouse to move the map around and zoom in to the desired level.  Please note that several locations are home to more than one Select Registry property, so be sure to zoom in to see the complete listings.  You can also center the map on certain regions by using the “Available Maps” feature located on the upper right side.

Each quill indicates a member property and you can click the quill for additional information.  Click the member’s name and you will be taken to the member’s page on our website for further details.

We are excited about these changes and hope you will be too! Please take some time and use the new search feature ( www.SelectRegistry.com) and let us know how it works for you in assisting  your travel plans with a Select Registry member.