Five Star Bed and Breakfast

Five Star Bed and Breakfast

Luxurious, romantic and very Italian describes The Villa at Westerly. Its nickname says it all because you have truly arrived in the “Land of Amore” with its eight luxurious rooms. Each room has its own personality and charm making this an experience you will want to repeat as often as possible.
Getaways, Romantic Getaways Select Registry – September 20, 2011

If you are looking for a five star bed and breakfast experience, Select Registry has the resource that you need. In fact, most all inns and B&Bs associated with Select Registry guarantee visitors the five star experience. A B&B wouldn’t be a part of Select Registry with any lesser standard. Select Registry was founded as many years ago as a small directory, but now the directory has grown to include hundred of superior properties. These properties are hand-picked and undergo a thorough assessment of quality and service before being added to Select Registry as a member.

The inns associated with Select Registry meet the highest standards by offering travelers a unique, one-of-a-kind experience with each property. No two properties associated with Select Registry are alike, but all properties are equally exceptional.

How do you know to trust this opinion? Unlike any other system of its kind, Select Registry relies primarily on a system of quality assurance. Each of the hundreds of inns selected by Select Registry has undergone professional inspection. These inspectors are members of the hospitality industry and evaluate each inn based on a detailed point system. Even after inns qualify to be represented by Select Registry, there are periodic inspections to ensure that quality is remaining top-notch.

All inns that are members of Select Registry are in a class all their own. Each inn offers an unforgettable experience from the hospitality of the groundkeeper’s to the delectable cuisine. Select Registry realizes that dining is as much of the B&B experience as lounging. To accommodate those that select B&Bs with their taste buds in mind, Select Registry has chosen members with culinary reputations that are recognized by publications including, but not limited to, Bon Appétit and the New York Times. Awake to the smell of breakfast and feel free to partake of your tasty piece of heaven in your suite or you can get to know the other visitors in the dining area of your B&B.

Select Registry hasn’t found success as the largest referral program and publication of its kind in the travel industry by offering an average service. Pride is taken in ensuring that all visitors get the vacation they desire and deserve. It is the goal of Select Registry to be the most trusted resource for superior quality lounging.

The warmest hospitality and unmatched quality makes every inn associated with Select Registry five star. If you consider five star to be comfort, warmth, style and class, you’ve certainly found it amongst the properties represented by Select Registry. Now, your only dilemma is narrowing your search when there is so much greatness to choose from. To make accommodations at a five star B&B be sure to visit Select Registry at today!