Arizona Bed And Breakfast

Arizona Bed And Breakfast

Arizona Select Registry – September 16, 2011

A bed and breakfast is a lodging establishment offering overnight accommodations along with breakfast in the morning. Bed and breakfasts are unique as lodging places in that they are often offered by homeowners with guests lodging in homes themselves. These are not hotels in the strict or traditional sense, but rather private homes converted into lodging houses. Many of the properties feature an historic building style, and many are operated in older homes from past decades and even centuries. The appeal of the bed and breakfast is that it gives travelers the opportunity to lodge in a building of historical interest, while avoiding the congestion and impersonal nature of commercial hotels.

Service in bed and breakfasts is often provided by the owners of the properties themselves, with meals cooked in household kitchens and served in dining rooms or even in kitchens themselves. Sometimes meals are served in guest rooms. Bigger, more successful bed and breakfasts may actually utilize professional staff, but in such a case, a bed and breakfast may be considered more a hotel. In some cases there is an economic incentive for travelers to lodge at a bed and breakfast in that some bed and breakfasts offer lodging rates lower than those of nearby hotels.

Bed and breakfasts dot the globe, being found not just in the United States, but also in the United Kingdom, Israel, South Africa, India, and even Pakistan. In the United States, bed and breakfasts are found in every state, and many of them try to create an historical atmosphere, decorating with antique furniture and knickknacks. The bed and breakfast industry has become quite advance in the United States, with a professional association and adopted standards for management. Still viewed as an alternative to hotel lodging, bed and breakfasts stress their unique character and promote themselves as one-of-a-kind destinations. Travelers rate the most popular bed and breakfast destinations in the United States as Massachusetts, North Carolina, California, and Arizona.

Arizona is a top pick for bed and breakfast visitors. There are more than 25 bed and breakfasts throughout Arizona, in the northern, southern, eastern, and western parts of the state. The Arizona Association of Bed and Breakfast Inns lists 33 bed and breakfasts for the entire state. In Sedona, in the northern part of the state, about two hours north of Phoenix, is the Casa Sedona Bed & Breakfast. This inn was shown on the Travel Channel’s “Best of the Best” series and listed in the 2007 Edition of "1000 Places to See Before You Die." With that pedigree, the Casa Sedona Bed & Breakfast seems an attractive place to stay. In Sedona is the Inn on Oak Creek. Oak Creek is a picturesque canyon in Sedona's red rock region.

For art lovers, the Inn on Oak Creek is located near Sedona's gallery district, within walking distance of art galleries, boutiques, and restaurants. Flagstaff is even farther north, near the San Francisco Peaks at about 7,000 feet in elevation. Featured in Flagstaff is the Starlight Pines Bed & Breakfast. The Starlight Pines Bed and Breakfast is located in a Victorian style house at the foot of Mt. Elden. This bed and breakfast is a highly successful inn , but the operators stress the antique ambiance and personal attention. The Grand Canyon is a prized Arizona destination, and it is home to bed and breakfast quarters, too. Close by you'll find the Firelight Bed and Breakfast, located in cool Williams, Arizona. Presented as the gateway to Northern Arizona, this inn features an English Tudor exterior and modern interior. There are lots of Arizona Inns to visit, and a lot of Arizona to see while you're there. Learn more about premium Bed and Breakfast by visiting Select Registry at today!