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Membership Criteria

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A Select Registry property is one in which the staff engages in a tireless pursuit of excellence and perfection. There is no “typical” property because each is a unique establishment; however, some common characteristics exist. Each one offers a level of service that provides an individual a memorable experience. Unwavering quality and ambiance are observed and felt from the moment one approaches and enters the building.

“The staff is clearly warm and professional – from the front desk staff and manager to housekeeping staff. Their appearance, knowledge of the area, and approach to the guest reflects the quality of their property. Impeccable housekeeping is a must, whether furnished in fine antiques, reproductions, or unique and elegant contemporary designs. The outside grounds should be meticulously groomed and landscaped."

A Select Registry property serves breakfast and many have an excellent dining facility on premises that provides for a fine dining experience. In some cases, an exceptional property is located in an area where many fine restaurants are close by, so that Inn may not serve the evening meal.

Select Registry represents hospitality, quality, and being the best at what we do…individually and collectively.

Criteria for Membership

  • The overriding objective of Select Registry is to admit properties that will materially enhance the overall quality of the organization.
  • The property must pass Select Registry's Quality Assurance inspection. If the property fails the QA inspection, reapplication may be made after six months.
  • The property must be fully licensed according to national, regional, and local governmental requirements.
  • Breakfast must be offered on the premises.
  • Each guestroom or suite must have a private bath.
  • If the evening meal is not provided on the premises, fine dining or quality regional dining must be readily available in the area.
  • The property should have been in operation for a minimum of two years at the time of application (one year of operation if the owner/operator is a previous SR innkeeper)*
  • The owner/operator or innkeeper should have at least three years of documented lodging management experience.*
  • The property is encouraged to secure at least two endorsements from SR properties in good standing.*

*Suggested, not required.

We will treat all applicants professionally, and welcome all applicants. Unfortunately, not all applicants will be accepted. Our goal remains to grow the organization strategically and with member properties that will materially enhance our members as well as the organization.

Select Registry Quality Assurance Program

As you may know, it is a requirement that all new properties participate in the Quality Assurance Evaluation Program prior to become members of Select Registry. It is important to view this evaluation program as a tool in providing you with direct, unbiased feedback on quality, cleanliness, comfort, and hospitality, from a consumer’s point of view. We believe this information is important in helping to assure that the utmost in guest satisfaction is being obtained, as well as meeting the requirements of Select Registry. Our owners and innkeepers have found this program to be most helpful to their overall business operation and believe it enhances Select Registry’s guest relationships.

The visit will be conducted on an unannounced and unidentified basis and is scheduled once the evaluation fee is received. Reservations will be made without reference to the inspector or Select Registry, and the evaluation will in fact begin with that first telephone contact. Only upon checkout will the evaluators identify themselves and request a brief meeting with the innkeeper to discuss the initial findings of the evaluation. Then after receiving the consultant’s formal report, Select Registry will send a written report in a timely manner to the qualifying property. The report, which indicates scoring for the inspected property in each category, includes an overall score based on a scale of 200, with 175 necessary to "meet requirements" of the organization.

While every attempt is made to avoid weekend visits, in some instances, however, it cannot be avoided. The inspection payment made to us for the Quality Assurance Program will cover travel expenses, off-site meals, and the evaluation fee. Please note, the ‘inn charges’ incurred during the visit (including deposits, etc.) are complementary, or credited / refunded at the time of checkout. Please inform your staff of this procedure.

The overall goal of the Quality Assurance program and the inspections is to maintain the high standards Select Registry guests have come to expect. We hope that you will review this process as a positive one. In all cases, we will work with member properties to help them bring their inspection scores up to the highest level possible.