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Membership Criteria

Select Registry membership criteria

The overriding objective of Select Registry is to admit properties that will materially enhance the overall quality of the Association and its membership. The property must pass Select Registry’s Quality Assurance inspection. If the property fails the QA inspection, reapplication may be made after six months.

  • The property must be fully licensed according to national, regional and local governmental requirements.
  • Breakfast must be offered on the premises.
  • Each guestroom or suite must contain a private bath.
  • If the evening meal is not provided on the premises, fine dining or quality regional dining must be readily available in the area.
  • The property should be in operation for a minimum of two years prior to the time of application (one year of operation if the owner/operator is a previous SR innkeeper).*
  • The owner/operator or innkeeper should have at least three years of documented lodging management experience.*
  • The property is encouraged to secure at least two endorsements from SR properties in good standing.*

    * Suggested, not required

The Select Registry Board is the final arbiter of all applications and may, at its sole discretion, accept or decline any application for membership.

Procedural considerations

A signed statement attesting to the accuracy and completeness of the information supplied is required as part of the application process. Information regarding applicants gained through members and staff research is important so that the Board is fully informed when making a membership decision. If verified exceptional information is revealed by members, staff or other sources, the Board is then informed prior to its final deliberations.

We will treat all applicants professionally and we welcome all applications. Not all will be accepted nor have they been in the past. However, it is our goal to expand the Association strategically with member properties that materially enhance the quality and reputation of our organization.