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Benefits of Membership


Contents of this Section: 

Marketing and Branding

We work throughout the year to bring the traveling public to the doorsteps of our member properties. Here is a sampling of some of our marketing activities available to our members:

  • Fully-integrated internet marketing through Select Registry’s marketing vehicles, including the Select Registry Guidebook, national emails, regional emails specific to your location, frequent and content-rich blogs (10+ per month), popular social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram), and annual promotions
  • The annual Select Registry Guidebook, which reaches more than 200,000 travelers each year
  • Strategic search engine optimization efforts which improve our Google ranking and increase organic traffic to the SR site and your property pages
  • Ongoing public relations efforts to get your property in front of print, broadcast, and online media
  • Member Care Coaching which provides immediate answers to your technical questions, and suggestions for improving your internet marketability
  • Monthly marketing webinars and newsletters to help you strengthen your property’s marketing and promotional efforts
  • Select Rewards loyalty program that gives your property exposure to over 24,000 loyal Select Registry guests.
  • Increased traffic to your site through strategic partnerships with travel associations and companies, OTAs, and others
  • Booking by international travelers through two European partnerships: Vacations to America (VTA), and Danish FDM
  • Annual Member Value Worksheet, documenting website referrals, loyalty rewards stays, gift certificate redemptions, and other benefits you receive through Select Registry membership

Mandatory Marketing Programs

Select Registry’s longstanding reputation for superior properties, spanning more than four decades, serves as the foundation of the organization. Our various marketing approaches promote Select Registry and your property as “the best of the best,” showcasing your superior amenities, hospitality, and experiences for travelers.

All members of Select Registry are required to participate in several successful marketing programs, including:

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Select Registry Guidebook and Rack/Counter Cards

The Select Registry Guidebook is a useful source of referrals for our members. The book is printed and shipped in early summer, with the editorial process starting in early March. Proofing is handled entirely online, with a downloadable PDF proof and a “backdoor” for you to create and edit your copy. 

Once printed, it is distributed in quantities appropriate to the size of your property. As a gift to our guests, the Guidebook is increasingly unique and remains an important part of our marketing approach. It is suggested that a  Select Registry guidebook or counter card be handed out to each guest visiting your Inn. 

The approved method is to personally introduce each guest to Select Registry at check-in or check-out, by offering them the rack/counter card or the Select Registry Guidebook. You may also put additional copies in the guest rooms or common area of the Inn. This gives our members the opportunity to showcase their property as a member of Select Registry by bookmarking their page. It is also a great time to explain our Select Registry Rewards program.


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Select Registry Gift Certificate Program

Select Registry offers a very popular gift certificate program to our members and guests. These certificates may be used at any member property with no restrictions to guests and should be treated as cash.

Select Registry offers three types of certificates:

1) Gift Certificates purchased directly through Select Registry. Select Registry will reimburse members 90% of the value of these certificates. The remaining 10% of the value of these certificates go toward processing fees.

2) Rewards Certificates – certificates that are earned by guest registering 12 stays at Select Registry properties. Select Registry will reimburse 100% of the value of these certificates.

3) Promotional Certificates – certificates that are offered through special Select Registry promotions. Select Registry will reimburse 100% of the value of these certificates.

Redemptions of these certificates are entered on the member center of our website and payments for these certificates are made to the members on a quarterly basis.

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Select Rewards

The Select Rewards program is a very strong branding program for the association. The program was created to encourage guests to stay within the Select Registry brand and as a reward to the guests for staying Select.

Our Rewards program is a mandatory program for all members. We ask that you speak to your guest about the rewards program during their stay and encourage them to create an account on our website - and start logging stays!

Guests create and manage their account on the Select Registry website.  They are responsible for logging their own stays.  Once a stay is entered, the member property is notified of the entry and asked to verify the details.  If the entry is verified by the Member property, a point is added to Reward Member’s account. 

There is a small fee involved with this program. The member property will be billed $7 per night approved. As an incentive for introducing guest to the program, member properties are not charged the $7 fee if their guest registers their property as their first stay when they create their account!

When a guest earns 12 quill points within a two year period, they receive a $100 Reward certificate that is valid for two years and can be used at any Select Registry member property. All reward certificates are reimbursed the full $100 to the member property.

More details of the program and supporting materials will be available to you once you have become a Select Registry Member!

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Select Registry Plaque

You will receive an attractive metal exterior plaque as well as an interior plaque designating you as a proud member of Select Registry. Out of the thousands of inns in North America, only an elite few will be able to hang this sign showing their guest they have met the requirements that assure a unique, authentic, and unforgettable lodging experience.

“When guests arrive at Brook Farm Inn they see the Select Registry plaque on the front porch.  What that means is that we have achieved a status of quality hospitality and service that meets the highest standards in the industry.

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Website and Member Center

You will be assigned a password for the Member Center of our webpage.  Here you can find very useful information.  Such as:

  • Recent News
  • Member Newsletters from our CEO
  • Select marketing Insights Newsletters
  • Select Registry Mobile App
  • STR Hotel Surveys
  • Tips from the Pros
  • Training, Videos, Presentations and handouts
  • Webinars
  • Mandatory Programs
  • Optional Marketing Opportunities

Through the Admin section of the website you will be able to:

  •  Update your member page content, contacts, pictures, etc.
  • Create and update packages, specials and events that will be shown on the packages and specials tab of the Select Registry Website.
  • Redemption of Gift Certificates
  • Verify and approve Reward Member stays
  • Submit and find recipes
  • Pull up a variety of reports:
    • Reports on member stats, (including member page views, reservation referrals, other referrals, emails sent, coupon views, coupon prints, event views, package views, and recipe views
    • Monthly member referrals
    • Monthly Facebook signups
    • Monthly website signups 

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Quality Assurance

The evaluation process we manage ensures we have only exceptional properties. This has given hundreds of thousands of guests the confidence to book stays at Select Registry properties. Our branding insures guest that your property is the cream of the crop.

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Networking and Education

Select Registry cares about the success of our members. Our members stay informed on best practices learn from their peers and develop life-long friendships and business connections.

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