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The Select Registry Difference

Quality is what makes Select Registry different.

Select Registry chooses only the best inns, bed and breakfasts, and small luxury hotels.

Perhaps the most important distinction between a Select Registry property any other is our system of quality assurance. Select Registry carries out a quality assurance inspection of each of its more than 300 properties -- a program involving a rigorous inspection process, executed by independent inspectors with years of experience in the hospitality industry.

The inspectors arrive unannounced and anonymously, and spend the night to evaluate the property based on a detailed point system. Properties that have already gained membership into Select Registry are also inspected periodically. No other online directory has a comparable inspection program. The New York Times once noted that the proliferation of "inns" has resulted in an industry that is misrepresented, lacks quality control, and charges widely varying room rates. You'll never have that issue with a Select Registry inn, bed and breakfast, or small hotel; with its rigorous inspection program, Select Registry has established quality as a hallmark of its member properties.

Select Registry doesn't rank our members with diamonds or stars, although many of our members also carry the high ratings you'd expect from luxury accommodations. Select Registry member properties are the cream of the crop; we provide you with the best experience and our quality assurance results prove it.